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    2000 pts friendly DE

    Dread lord: Hydra blade, pendant of khaeleth, potion of strength, heavy armor, shield, sea dragons cloak ~255

    Death Hag: cauldron of blood ~200 pts

    Sorceress: dark steed, 2x scrolls ~ 162

    25 warriors: full command, shields ~ 180

    5 dark riders: xbows ~ 110

    5 dark riders: xbows ~ 110

    Assassin: man bane, rune of khaine, extra hand weapon ~ 146

    14 Black guard: full command, champ with crimson death, banner of ASF ~ 277

    Cold one chariot ~ 100

    12 witch elves: Full command, banner of murder, hag with manbane ~ 195

    5 shades ~ 80 pts

    War hydra ~ 175

    The assassin usually goes in the warriors, so they can actually kill something.

    The dread lord is geared up for a single round of carnage, 5-7 attack at S7. He has a decent armor save, and the usual pendant for challenges. He either goes in the BG, or the warriors.

    I brought the witches because they are something you don't see as often, and I've had really good luck with them. They are just murder on units with average to low saves, the banner helps them quite a bit in this regard.

    The scroll caddy is on a horse because I had points left over, and that worked to exactly the right amount.

    I like the cauldron, even outside of the khainite army, and I just got mine painted. I intend to give my units wards against shooting, and hopefully get some killing blow witches going.

    The chariot is cheap and quite nasty, I didn't bring multiple, since I was out of slots. If I was being serious I would bring 3 and ditch every other special other than BG.

    The shades are just a throw away shooting unit that usually gets ignored. For kicks sometimes I can put the assassin in, and surprise a shooting unit or war machine crew.

    The war hydra is what it is, I consider more than 1 not friendly, and 1 is even pushing it.

    I only brought dark riders in multiples, since I don't like the other core choices, and lots of rank and file just seems wrong for an elf army.

    I don't have much shooting or magic, and my small units are pretty easy to kill. I do have some nasty CC attacks, but if the opponent weathers them they don't have real staying power.

    So I guess the point of this post: Is this army casual enough, or is it still a bit rough for friendly games?

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    Unfriendly games, are games that are no fun. I cannot see why anyone would think of your list as "unfriendly". You have only 1 sorceress, no two of the same special or rare choice and only a single assassin. What could possibly be unfriendly? Dark elves are sometimes pretty powerful, but it is not unfriendly to win a game, neither because of sheer power or good tactics.

    I play against min-maxed dwarf only-shooting armies alot, and even those games can be fun. Not much fun for my opponent though - he is playing with the same tactics over and over against every opponent, while we Dark Elves are blessed with many fun options for army setups.

    Thats why Dark Elves are fun to play with and against. They have so many viable tactics to chose from.

    Agreed the hydra should cost 50 points more than currently listed and black guards a point or two more per model, but I dont often see people taking two hydras and several units of black guards anyway. Even if they did, I am not sure whether it would be as good as some opponents might claim.

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