Hi there! My two friends and I are building up our forces and have now reached 1500 points battles. They play dwarves and wood elves, and I need a list to handle both.

The WE player normally goes dryad heavy, and usually runs a large company of WD with a character w moonstone. He also normally chooses a treeman over waywatchers and deploys only one or two units of glade guards. He has just purchased three treekin and 20 eternal guards and is proberbly eager to try them out. He has never used very much magic against me, and would proberbly not waste the points considering that he is also going up against dwarves.

The dwarf player plays a regular dwarf gunline, preferring organ gun, grudge thrower and bolt thrower. He will proberbly option mostly for quarellers for regular shooting, but a single unit of handgunners would proberbly also find its way to the table. I gave him a good scare with dark elf magic, so I expect him to take a runesmith with rune of balance.

Here is the list a have devoloped to face them:


Master 152
Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, dark steed

Pendant of Khaeleth, Sword of Might

Shadowblade 300
Two hand weapons
Potion of Strength, Heart of Woe, Rending Stars, Dance of Doom,
Touch of Khaine, Hand of Khaine, Dark Venom


10 x Repeater Crossbowmen 100

10 x Repeater Crossbowmen 100

7 x Harpies 77

7 x Harpies 77


6 x Shades 108

Great weapons

7 Cold one Knights 205
Dread Knight

7 Cold one Knights 205
Dread Knight


War Hydra 175

Total: 1499

Against dwarves: If he deploys a master ingeneer, shadowblade is going for him - otherwise he is going for the worst warmashine. The harpies will shield my crossbowmen and COK and go for the other warmaschines together with the shades. The master on dark steed is nearly unkillable and will engage a shooter unit as fast as possible. The 2xCOK and hydra will make combined charges on whatever seems profitable. Meanwhile the crossbowmen will have their fun from range.

Against WE: My opponent LOVES dryads, and CoKs are so good at beating them up. Shadowblade will deploy with the WE large company of wardancers to keep them in tjeck. The crossbowmen will go for whatever they can damage. I am unsure how to deal with treekin and treeman, but my noble may deploy with the CoK to give them the punch to overcome these in collaboration with the hydra.

So this is my plan! Suggestions? Will it work?

Thanks for reading, and for any comments!