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Thread: 1K tourny list

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    1K tourny list

    Got a 1000 point tourny comming up in a week at our local game store. Its only 1000 points so that some of the newer fantisy players can get a chance to play a game.

    Sorc/ LvL2, 2 dispell scrolls

    Warriors25 / Command
    Dark riders5 / Crossbows, muso
    Assassin / Extra hand weapon, rune of Khaine, Touch of Death


    Bolt thrower

    I havent played too many games with a list this low so im not sure what works best. The Sorc is to give me the magic defense as well as she can put out a couple spells a turn. The assassin I feel is a must if im going to have 1 block of warriors. The chariots are alwasy best taken in pairs. The harpies are to march block them as well as be sacraficed on a charge to kill enemy mages. Any ideas and changes you would make would be helpfull.

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    Well unless your opponent is bringing no magic defense, the wizards actually probably won't cast more than 1 real spell a turn. If you are lucky. If they do bring magic defense, you probably won't get anything off. If you want a good chance of doing some damage with magic, bring a sac dagger, or a dark star cloak. 2 scrolls at this level is unlikely to be needed.

    TBH I would say you would be better served by a master with seal of ghrond, or a couple of null stones. The leadership boost when you have a couple of LD8 units is generally worth it at this points level.

    Personally I would drop the thrower and a chariot for a hydra. It frees up 25 points, give you the same number of hammers, and is more resilient than a chariot. The flame breath is downright mean at this level. Losing the shooting hurts some, but not as much as you would think.

    Here is what I would run:

    Master, great weapon, shield, sea dragon cloak, heavy armor, seal of ghrond ~ 124
    Assassin, rending stars, manbane ~ 145

    20 warriors, FC shields ~ 155
    5 dark riders, crossbow, no command ~ 110
    5 dark riders, crossbow, no command ~ 110

    5 Shades ~ 80
    Chariot ~ 100

    War Hydra ~ 175

    Total ~ 999

    The shades and assassin scout together, and end up being even better than the harpies and bolt thrower could be. The assassin can pop T5 chariots with one hit since manbane and rending stars stack.

    A hydra at this point level is a nightmare. The chariot will often get overlooked because of this, and is more likely to get into combat as a result.

    2 units of dark riders is better than 1, musicians is nice to have, but not required.

    I dropped the warrior count to the min needed for full ranks, as spending more for extra wounds isn't efficient at this level.

    The master has a dispel dice item, and has the choice of using a great weapon or a hand weapon. He won't stand up to any serious combat characters, but his current save is good enough for most champions and minor heroes. He is there mostly as magic defense and a LD boost. Obviously he goes with the warriors.

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    Im not a massive fan of COC's. they are great rite up until you need them but in my experiance stupidity will just leave you cursing.

    Notabot187's Assasin build is a favourite aswell so cant recomend him enough. place him in a shade unit for uber effectivness.

    If your only going to take one bolt thrower your better off taking none at all and sepnding the points elsewhere as Notabot187 has done. Bolt throwers work best in two's doing massive combined dammage. one by itself is just a nusence.

    2 units of dark riders again are better than one. it means you can use them together making your oppnenet split his attention between the two allowing one or both to go about harrassing troops.

    Your speamen are and the army has no real punch to it. Come up agaisnt somthing hard like dwarves or chaos, or numerous like skaven and empire and you will soon see your list wont inflict enough dammage. in this case the change to a master and hydra is essential. Now you chariots could hurt units badly but getting them into combat together or without one being killed will be extremely difficult so i would swap them out for more relliable units.

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