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Thread: 1k army list

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    1k army list

    i just started playing fantasy after playing 40k for years i made this list to start off with and id like to know what people think of it any suggestions/comments are welcome.


    Master additional hand weapon, sea dragon cloak,heavy armour, dagger of hotek(does that count as an aditional handweapon so i dont need the other one)is with the corsairs 122

    Sorceress lv2 135


    13 black ark corsairs full command 155

    2o spearmen shields full command 155

    10 dark elf crossbowman 100

    10 dark elf crossbowman 100


    5 shades additional hand weapons 85

    cold one knights banner 151

    totals out to 1003 pts any comments are welcome please

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    well in most gaming circles 1k is a limit, not a suggestion. Esp since you can drop a single option somewhere and get it to within 1-2 points of 1k. If your gaming group is ok with going a few points over, than that is fine too.

    The wizard probably won't get much off, since she only gets 4 dice, and even opponents without a wizard or items will get 2 dispel. So don't expect much out of her. Magic is very hard to bring at such low points limits.

    Your master isn't very good. Volume of attack even at ASF isn't worth the cost of the magic item. Since he is in corsairs, they already do volume just fine. What you want him to do is hurt armor. Give him a great weapon.

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