Reformated 2250 Dark elf army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Reformated 2250 Dark elf army

    After playing my first game i fell in love with their mobility. My plan with this army is to use the dark riders and harpies attack from the sides with the hydra and xbow men in the middle. Using the shades as support for the dark riders and harpies on the sides of the table scouting fairly close. My hope would be that this would drive them together to the center allowing my xbowmen and sorceresses to open fire on them and let the hydra crunch something if its not taken out first turn.

    War Hydra
    2 repeater bolt thrower
    10 shades with great weapons and light armor 2 units of 5
    20 dark riders with Xbow and 4 musicians 4 units of 5
    20 harpies either 2 units of 10 or 4 units of 5 im not sure yet.
    Supreme Sorceress
    level 4
    Dark Steed
    black staff
    pendant of khaeleth

    2 sorceress both level 2 on dark steeds (each in crossbowmen units)
    with a dispell scroll and guiding eye
    other with dispell scroll and sacrificial dagger
    24 repeater crossbowmen One unit of 10x1 one unit of 14 (10x1+4 in the back)with sorc w/ sacrificial dagger


    I was hoping to fit some witch elves in there to run up the middle really dividing their fronts with the hydra but not sure where to lose points.

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    Killing RxB warriors for magic dice is a bad idea. For much less you could be stabbing spear warriors. Probably better to run RxB n 2 units of 12. the reason for this is target priority for your opponent. Don't give him something to focus on, every units should be cheap and not worth your opponents time to chase down.

    If you need to free up points, you can probably drop one of the wizards, since you have the black staff and possibly the dagger, you should be swimming in power dice.

    Light armor on shades is pointless. Most shooting and CC attacks will negate it, and the few that don't will still probably kill the model since 6+ is almost like not having one. Don't pay points for junk saves.

    Other than those minor things, it looks pretty solid.

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