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    2250 points competitive list

    Hi, I'm looking for advice for improving my army list.

    This is the list so far.


    supreme soceress
    black staff, ring of hokek


    darkstar cloak, the guilding eye

    sacrifical dagger, dispel scroll

    tome of fusion, seal of gloul


    16 crossbowmen 160

    12 warriors 72

    5 dark riders 110
    repeater crossbows

    5 dark riders 110
    repeater crossbows

    5 dark riders 110
    repeater crossbows

    20 corsairs 225
    full command

    5 harpies 55

    assassin 151
    manbane, rending stars, additional hand weapon


    5 CoKs 135

    5 shades 80


    repeater bolt thrower 100

    repeater bolt thrower 100

    war hydra 175

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    Take that ring off the wizard! It effects her just as bad the opponent. (worse even, as she can't avoid its effects) In fact running the ring on a Supreme Sorceress with black staff is almost the worst thing you can do in the list. (running it on a dagger SS is, unless somebody finds something else)

    You do not even need that stupid overrated piece of jewelry when you are running with 8 dispel dice and a scroll. The ring is great when you are running a low or no magic list. It is worse than useless, it is harmful, when you are running a nearly maxed out magic list.

    The rest of the list looks pretty good, but you are critically short of bodies. I would drop one of the wizards for a unit of something else.

    You currently have 13 power dice, 5 castings of power of darkness, and can stab 3 guys a turn. That is probably too much, since those characters eat into your points pretty heavy.

    Corsairs are awfully expensive to go full ranks with. They work best as small flanking units supporting things like black guard or full rank Warriors. 225 points for 4-5 static res with a 5+ save vs 155 points for same res and a 4+ save in combat. Corsairs are still useful, they just aren't optimal run how you have them.

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    I saw the cabal and was expecting a whole bunch of assassins...and you have one.

    Devastating magical apocalypses are a double edged sword - They either win big or lose big (due to a miscast at the wrong moment).

    Your army has virtually no hitting power outside of the mages - once the COK and RBTs are gone (not too difficult a task), your opponent only has light units to take out.

    For a competitive list you need to focus on getting a few more bodies in their to create a dangerous list. Even though you'd give VC a rough time in the magic phase, you just won't kill them fast enough...which is what you are going to have to do in a competitive environment.

    With Power of Darkness you can afford not to overload on sorceresses - a High Sorceress and basic sorceress can still generate a whole pile of dice between them which allows you to spend points on beefing up your units and including a fighty character.

    And as the previous poster says...don't put Hotek on one of your mages .

    Having an army and not owning a rulebook is like owning a car with no steering wheel.

    Quote Originally Posted by amishcellphone
    <3 rork. He does all the arguing so I don't have to.

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