First time using Dark elves in a tournament situation usally run empire, so here goes, fightinga total mixed bag, dwarves couple undead, ogres, DoC, WoC, skaven, Empire total mix, so I wanted to win soem where and i thought I might have a chance with dominating magic, but still not to bad in combat.

Sorc LVL4 null talisman (In corsairs)

Sorc lvl2 28scrolls (in spearmen)
sorc lvl1 tome, +1 dip dice

Death hag banner BSB ASF, killing blow (in with executioners)
I know the frenzy she has might be hard to handle but for all those str 6 attacks with killing blow and re roll misses I am willin to give it a try.

1 assasin fury of khaine mandbane, (corsarirs)

19 spear men full comand

18 corsairs full comand

10 crosbowmen (hold table quarter)

10 cold one knights (ring hotek)

14 executioners

1 hydra

2 RBT's,

I was thinking of droping one of the sorcress for another assasin?