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    2000pt list, but is it competitive at all?

    hey guys, im not what you would call a new gamer but i dont have the battle experience I know that some of you guys out there have. When it comes to dark elves ive played about 10 games total, meaning i dont have much experience but so far its gone pretty well. My army functions nicely, however, im wondering if this is a competitive enough list to take on multiple armies-here it is

    supreme sorceress
    lv 4, focus familar, darkstar cloak

    noble(in one of warrior blocks)
    crimson death, armour of darkness

    lance, heavy armour, sdc, manticore

    additional hand weapon, rune of khaine

    shields, standard, lordling

    shields, standard, lordling

    full command

    dark riders*5
    crossbows, musician

    dark riders*5
    crossbows, musician

    cold one knights*5
    standard, dread knight

    cold one chariot

    additional hand weapons

    ok, this list is what i would consider balanced, some magic, some shooting, some combat and some cool units. however, I always find that my warrior block without a noble in it is just kinda wondering around, should I take it out and add something im its place? and if i do what should i add? That second warrior block is really my main concern and the only thing bugging me, but any suggestions at all would help, thanks alot guys.

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    Supreme sorceress is not legal. Each wizard character can only have 1 non common arcane item. If you want extra power dice on a lord, use the black staff, or the dagger. Dark star cloak is more appropriate for a lvl 2.

    I don't really get the manticore master in this list. He is going to die way too quick against armies with shooting or magic. If you had a critical mass of monsters, so you gave the opponent some bad options on which to kill, I would totally support him.

    2 blocks of Warriors is indeed probably not needed. But so isn't a full block of corsairs. Corsairs are too expensive compared to warriors to run in a full res block. They do much better as small flanking blocks supporting other units, or 6-7 wide frenzy units. (but witches and other units do this better, corsairs are too generalist). The reasoning behind this is: static resolution matters in combat. Warriors have a better save in combat. Warriors cost much less. Corsairs are better against shooting. Corsairs add a nifty run down rule when they are involved in combat, regardless of unit size. Therefore, corsairs are best run in small units contributing to a combat, or in small units screening more important ones from shooting.

    I would add a medium to large block of black guard to the list. The ASF banner is a good choice. Run them from 12-18, 6-7 wide. They are a very good anvil.

    Instead of the manticore master, I would run a death hag with the cauldron. With the heavy foot theme, the cauldron can add quite a bit of punch to the list. Ever see KB corsairs? Spear elves with 2 attacks each? elves with 5+ ward saves?

    TBH, against most opponents your list should do fine. Most of my tweeks and comments are geared towards optimization. If you lose more than you win, I would say the list is too fluffy, and needs changes. But if you are winning much more than you lose, then it might be a good idea to just go with what you have. A fully optimized DE list will gain you no friends.

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