1500 point Dark elf tournie list - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 point Dark elf tournie list

    Hi guys, i have a tournament coming up on 1st november at warhammer world nottingham, just wanted ya feed back on ma army list to date as need to make sure list is plausibly strong enough to take on all contenders. There are three games, 1st is breakthrough, 2nd pitched, 3rd is conquest. Any feedback would be great.

    Null Talisman

    Lvl 2
    Sac Dag

    Lvl 2
    Dark star cloak

    10 cbowmen

    5 Dark riders 117 pts
    Mus, RXB

    24 Spearmen 208pts

    Fc, Shields, Warbanner

    6 harpies

    13 Blackguard 264pts
    FC, ROH, ASF ban

    2 Bolt Throwers

    total is 1494 pts

    As guessed Sac sorc goes in spearmen, and master into the blackguard, but was thinking of either dsc for other one and take focus fam with her and put her in terrain but she get easily killed so other opt was in crossbowmen. a few armies i might face is a Kinght heavy bret army, magic heavy chaos army, a magic heavy vamp counts army, a ghoul army, and a heavy marauder army, basically everything is marauders. there will be an army off all other types but have played the bret army and magic heavy chaos army and beaten them both in practice but i have 3 spell casters then, other one had a focus fam and seal of ghrond.

    Any help be great.

    Unfortunately due to copyright laws it is against the rules to post individual points costs for items, I have removed these but please check over the army posting rules in the future - Arklite

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