2250, Magic-heavy, Cauldron - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250, Magic-heavy, Cauldron

    I love the Cauldron of Blood, magic, and Assassins. Hopefully this list will combine them effectively:

    Supreme Sorceress - Lv.4, Focus Familiar, Dispel Scroll, Pegasus - 360

    Sorceress - Lv.2, Sacrificial Dagger - 160
    Sorceress - Lv.2, Tome of Furion - 150
    Death Hag - Cauldron of Blood - 200

    14x Warriors - Champion, Musician - 93
    10x Repeater Crossbowmen - 100
    10x Repeater Crossbowmen - 100
    5x Harpy Coven - 55
    5x Harpy Coven - 55

    5x Shades - Great Weapons - 90
    -Assassin - Manbane, Rending Stars - 145
    14x Black Guard - Champion, Crimson Death, Standard Bearer, Banner of Hag Graef - 270
    5x Cold One Knights - 135

    Hydra - 175
    Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100
    Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100

    Total: 2249

    Supreme Sorceress will fly around being the wicked witch blasting things as need be. Sac. Dagger sorceress will go with the block of Warriors. The Tome Sorceress will go in one of the crossbow units, whichever has a better position.

    The Warriors have a champion for the sake of challenge fodder and a musician because I had four points left over and just in case these guys needed to run and managed to get away, it might help.

    I figure the Cauldron would help out this list more than a BSB considering that it has the ASF Black Guard, CoK, or the Hydra to buff, giving it a nasty list of things it can do.

    What do you all think?

    Edit: Adjusted the list a bit, dropped a few extra bits to make room for a Dispel Scroll and swapped a Hydra for two RBTs.

    Last edited by Kirbinator; October 20th, 2009 at 23:34.

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