Im going for something that will hopefully just let me rip through his lines to his slaan as soon as possible, but not sure how this will work against lizardmen.

^Warriors - 20 + Shields
^Warriors - 24
^10 RxB ]
^10 RxB ]------(I'm not sure about these)!??
^10 RxB ]

^Black Guard - 18 + FC + ASF Banner + Misc. Magic item on Champion(maybe Null Tall?)
^Cold One Knights - 10 + FC + Null Talisman on Champion

^Dreadlord - Cold One + Crimson Death + PoK + Armour of Eternal Servitude + Lance + SDC + Shield
^Master BSB - Cold One + Hydra Banner + Lance + HA + SDC + Shield
^Death Hag + Cauldron of Blood + Witchbrew + Manbane
^Supreme Sorceress + Lvl 4 + Black Staff + Seal of Ghrond + Null Talisman
^Sorceress + Lvl 2 + Sag. Dag. + Pearl of Infinite Bleakness

^War Hydra
^Dogs of War Cannon
^Dogs of War Cannon

The idea is to mainly focus on the heavy offense, hopefully generating a healthy amount of power dice wih the Dagger and Black Staff. I'm worried that shooting wont really get through too much, but i would love to hear that i am wrong! The unit of Cold Ones is going to include the Lord and BSB, and have the Cauldron and Hydra Banner add an overwhelming number of attacks. The DoW Cannons are a first for me, and it just seemed like a good way to hit the slaan unit and soften it up before combat.

I would appreciate any comments and any ideas on how to improve this list!!!