2250 Monstermount Druchii - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Monstermount Druchii

    The idea to this list was born during a conversation with a friend of mine.
    He's a Lizardmen and WoC player mainly and claimed that a Combat-heavy Dark Elf force can't be effective.

    In all of our games, I've used pretty shooting and/or magic oriented lists with a few blocks of combat troops like Executioners and Black Guard.
    They have preformed most excellent allthough I am having trouble with those damn 1+ and 2+ AS units WoC seem to have all over the place...

    Anyway, I'm sure Dark Elf can build effective lists with focus on CC, so I decided to give it a try!
    I know this guy pretty well and I'm sure I'll be going up against a Really magic-heavy list. Slann in a TG block and probably 1 or 2 priests on stegs.

    Here's what I came up with:

    SDC, Shield
    Sword of Might, Armour of eternal servitude, Ring of Hotek, Nullstone.
    Black Dragon

    Halberd, SDC, shield
    Blood armour, Pedant of khaeleth

    20 Warriors
    FC, Warbanner

    5 Dark Riders
    RXB, Musician

    10 RXB
    Musician (had 5 pts left over)

    2 Assassins with 2x hand weapon, Rune of Khaine and Touch of Death

    14 Black Guard
    FC, Banner of Hag Greaf, Crimson Death

    2 x 5 Shades
    Additional hand weapon

    2 x RBT

    Comes in at exactly 2250

    The list isn't as combat heavy as it could be, so I'm thinking of dropping the RBTs and/or some shades to add in a Hydra or a unit of Cold one Knights... or both?
    2 assassins will be a pretty damn nasty surprise! I usually don't field them and when I do, I've only ever taken one so he is not expecting it. I'm not too sure where to place them though, but it will probably be in the Black Gurads and Warriors.
    Allso, manbane is great but nothing bypasses armour and scares characters away like 5-7 WS9 Hatred ASF attacks with killing blow!
    And last, the equipment on my characters. Sience I lack magic protection, save the ring of Hotek, the idea is to bring it to the enemy thus limit his damage output through spells. They are ment to work in tandem, or atleast stay close to each other so that both may benefit from the ring. The Dreadlord lack a bit in survivability but I don't know how to increase it.

    If it moves, shoot it! If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway ... It might move later!

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    Dragon/manticore lists really need to bring hyrda(s) for the complete cheese factor. It has to do with most competitive players being able to handle 1-2 monsters. (thanks to the double treeman, dino spam, and double dragon lists...) When you add in 2 more monsters of the hydra variety, you end up over loading your opponents to kill big game. TBH it is a fun list, but ultimately a dead end. All it does is force your opponent to list tailor, or just refuse to play you.

    Anyways, I have put together a CC list that actually out blockhammers many T4 good armor armies that DE have trouble with normally. It doesn't really play to the strengths of DE, but the army concept has so many dumb things in its blocks it will surprise and frustrate an opponent who is not ready for it.


    Death hag: general, cauldron of blood ~ 200
    Master: BSB, HA, Shield, SDC, banner of Nagarythe ~ 240
    Supreme Sorceress: lvl 4Sacrificial Dagger, 2x null talismans ~ 315
    Sorceress: lvl 2 tome of furion, 2 null talismans ~ 180

    25 DE Warriors: FC, war banner, shields ~ 215
    5 Dark Riders: RxB ~ 110
    5 Dark Riders: RxB ~ 110

    20 Black guard, FC, ASF banner, Crimson death ~ 355
    15 witches, FC ~ 175

    war hydra ~ 175
    war hydra ~ 175

    SS and BSB goes with warriors, Don't go stabbing unless you need to get a key spell off, it is really just their in case you need it. When you add in all the bonuses, you end up with CR that really can't be beaten too often, and even is if it is, it is an unbreakable unit. Did I mention that it is MR 2 with the wizard in there?

    Black guard have the other wizard, running the unit either 5x4x1 or 7x3. Black guards reputation of being nearly unbreakable is true when they have enough bodies to hold much longer. BG can even benefit greatly from the 5+ ward, +1 attack, or even the KB from the cauldron.

    With the cauldron, the witches become stubborn, and frenzy gives them ItP as long as they don't lose. So don't lose. BTW, when you give KB to witches, even chaos knights should start running.

    You know how hydras are really good and people who have to play against them complain quite a bit? How about two of them? Did you know that the cauldron can give killing blow to a hydra unit? Now that was a piece of cheddar that really doesn't need thinking on I hope. Since they are the only flanking unit that is CC oriented, one has to be careful n how they are moved.

    So with this 2250 list, not only is their a large number of power dice, but a robust magic defense, and surprisingly robust block units with a buff here and there, can mow through some of the hardest units in the game.

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