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    2250p Dark Elves Magic Heavy

    Supreme Sorceress 335pts
    lv4, Sacrificial Dagger, Dispel Scroll * 2

    25 Dark Elf Warriors 336pts
    FC, Shield
    Assassin /w Manbane, Rune of Khaine

    Sorceress 175pts
    lv2, Ring of Darkness

    20 Black Guard 355pts
    FC, Standard of Hag Graef,
    Tower Master /w Crimson Death

    Death Hag /w Cauldron of Blood 200pts

    10 Har Ganeth Executioners 120pts

    10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen 100pts

    5 Dark Riders 117pts
    Rptr Crossbow, Musician

    5 Cold One Knights 135pts

    Reaper Bolt Thrower 100pts
    Reaper Bolt Thrower 100pts

    War Hydra 175pts

    Total 2248pts

    Casting Pool: 8
    Dispel Pool: 5
    Models in Army: 90

    Supreme Sorceress join Warrior, use Sacrificial Dagger
    Sorceress join Black Guard, Ring of Darkness anti range
    Executioners guard Cauldron of Blood

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    I wouldn't say this is magic heavy at all. Just normal magic for DE.

    That being said, i think that if you drop the executioners and music on the black guard and dark riders for a master with the ring of darkness (and GW), and mount the 2nd wizard and give her the tome of furion, I think the list will be a bit better. Since executioners stink even with the cauldron, running ten won't do much when they get charged. (yes I am aware of stubborn, but you need more than 10 5+ saves to make good use of it.) Having the master with the ring of darkness gives you a better character to be in the black guard, one who doesn't lower their punch as much as a wizard does. Also having the extra spell helps a bit too.

    I honestly don't worry much about shooting though, chillwind and word of pain is usually enough anti shooting (plus adding in counter battery fire) to avoid heavy losses. So I usually skip the ring of darkness for a seal of ghrond, or pendant.

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