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    1k All-comers (Friendly)

    Hey all,

    After messing around with VC for a while, I decided it was time to start collecting a second army. Due to a long standing and rarely mentioned love affair with Dark Eldar, I've decided that Dark Elves would be a natural choice for Fantasy. This is just a rough list to get my piratey bearings again. I went for a balanced list to start with, let me know if there are any glaring errors in the list that I should change, or minor improvements I could tweak.

    Master: Hydra Blade, AHW, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak

    Sorceress: Level 2, Tome of Furion

    20 Warriors: Shields, Full Command

    10 Repeaters Crossbowmen: Champion

    5 Cold One Knights

    8 Shades

    14 Black Guard: Standard of Hag Graef

    The Master will sit in the Black Guard unit, effectively serving as the unit champion with his veritable buttload of attacks. Combined with ASF, I don't see much standing up to this. The Shades and Crossbows are there purely for harassment (and WM hunting in the case of the Shades), while the CoKs are there for flanking and the Spearmen for soaking up damage. The sorceress will flit about either in the Spearmen or, most likely, the Crossbowmen, wreaking all manner of magical chaos.

    All comments and critique are welcomed.

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    It's good as it is but that won't stop me from recommending some tweaks. You have two anvils, the Warriors and Black Guard. I think only one is needed at the 1k level. Also, your Master is pretty much an assassin--if you drop an anvil unit, you could use the points to switch him to a sorceress and then include an assassin.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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