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    1000 pts semi-friendly list

    Master, additional hand weapon, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak 92

    16 crossbowmen, sheilds, standard bearer + musician 191
    16 crossbowmen, sheilds, standard bearer + musician 191

    10 executioners, full command 150
    5 cold one knights, musician, standard bearer with banner of slaughter 194
    17 witch elves, hag 180

    Total: 998 pts

    I don't have any more executioners than that, and I can't change the command for any of the units other than the crossbowmen as we play WYSIWYG for unit command and i don't have the models right now.
    I don't have any black guard before you say that! I know, i need to get some....
    I dont want to put in a hydra as he is taking a list with 2 units of corsairs, level 2 and level 1 sorceresses, a chariot and some shades so he wouldn't be able to do much about it and it'd be kinda boring.

    What do you think?

    'War does not determine who is right, only who is left'
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    Hey tis me

    Thanks for the nicer post on my forums. it was getting into a frenzy in there :/.

    I like your list. apart from the fact it really has no attacks. executioners have 1 attack each. cold one knights 2 each. but the fact you have 5 cold one knites. what i might change is bulk up your cold one knights. and remove the banner of slaugher because u wont need it. if u get like 10-15 of them. they will be a good unit to charge. on the charge the model gets 3 attacks. each leading to 20 attacks str 4. ws 5 with this you can kill around 5-8 i'd average? that means they cannot attack back unless they are using spears. if they arent you win combat. if they are it will still only be 4. ( 4 attacks strength 3 ) on average. with your T4 and your 2 3+ saves you wont need to worry. and you can run them down and use the initiaive to get to the next unit. do adscaly the same and do serious damage in the FIRST turn. to bulk this unit up. id drop the witch elves. unless you are playing high or wood elves i wouldnt include in your army. they will get merc'd because of the fact you have T3 and no armour saves. a enemy dream overkill.

    a thing about your enimy. there is a re accurance. he has no defencive unit. he has shades. T3 save 5+ corsairs T3 +4 up so... if you shoot the corsairs you will do serious damage. 64 shots. avarging around 30 hits then doing around 15 wounds. thats around 10 dead. just from shooting. thats half a rank. in 1 turn. next charge your coks in . the same turn to get the advantage of them not being able to attack you. and he will probably keep the formations near each other. use initive to charge into the flank of the next 1. outrun them. and he has a few shades left. this will all work if you dont fail dice rolls. the chariot will be destroyed v quickly by archery. 16 archers should kill it. and the shades will be pips in combat. just make sure they dont get many shots fired at your executioners.

    the sorceress is not to worry about. just outrun her squad.

    = a win

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