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    1250 Pts have served me well

    This is an Army I play often enough. Sure I change it up a bit time to time, but here is the basic set up.

    Hero: Sorceress (Lvl 2) 185 pts
    Dark Star Cloak, Dispell Scroll

    Hero: Master 160 pts
    Heavy Armor, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Soul Render, Ring of Hotek, Cold One Mount

    Core: Repeater Crossbowmen X10 100 pts

    Core: Repeater Crossbowmen X10 100 pts

    Core: Corsairs X19 215 pts
    Standard Bearer, Banner of the Sea Dragon

    Core: Harpies X5 55 pts

    Specl: Witch Elves X10 125 pts
    Hag, Musician, Standard

    Specl: Cold One Knights X5 135 pts

    Rare: War Hydra 175 pts

    Total 1250 pts

    Sorceress in unit with Corsairs
    Master with Cold One Knights

    It wins the majority of battles I throw it into, but HEY! There is always room for improvement. I welcome all feedback. I'm sure I listed something wrong and will kick myself when I see it.

    WH Fantasy: Vampire Counts, Dark Elves
    WH 40k: Eldar, Orks, Space Marines

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    I think that a block of spear warriors would be better in this list than the corsairs. Corsairs are a bit too expensive for SCR blocks. Having your largest unit have frenzy means that it will be baited around the field by a savvy opponent. Since it is a full SCR block, and has an obvious magic banner, it is rather obvious of a unit. I prefer the frenzy blocks to be about 12-14 strong. If you want a full res block, a unit of spears 25 strong with FC AND a war banner can be had for the same cost.

    Also the advantage of going with warriors is that you can give the sorceress a dagger and kill some guys for PD. That way you can almost double the amount of magic available. As you have it now, you have a paltry 4 PD, and your wizard is in a frenzied unit that wants to be in CC quickly.

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