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    1000pt dark elves army list(first time) plz comment and help

    Plz help me with my first time army so far for a 1000pt army i have come up with(and any tips with any of the units :

    10 crossbowmen:100PT

    18 corsairs:205PT (full comand

    20 warriors

    5 cold one knights :
    Dreadknight - 141PT

    1 repeater bolt thrower (100pt) or cold one chariot (100pt)

    - lv 2
    cold one=155PT

    extra hand wep =121pt

    I think it is a 962 pt army

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    Don't post the costs for individual upgrades, it is against forum rules. it is ok to post Total UNIT cost W/ upgrades IIRC, but don't make it possible to figure out how much each upgrade costs.

    That being said: What purpose is the dread knight on the CoK unit? +1 attack is not worth the points cost unless you give him a magic item to justify him. I go with just bare bones or with just a banner.

    Corsairs are fine in low point games, though in larger games you find them to not do so well.

    I like the chariot better in this list.

    Don't bother with magic at this points level. It costs too much if you bring 2 lvl 2s, and 1 level 2 will have a hard time getting past the default army dice.

    Don't pay for the assassin, he really is too expensive at this points level. For his costs you can field an entire unit of guys.

    Give the warriors full command. For a very low price you get +1 CR, a challenge chump +1 attack, and the ability to break ties and get +1 to rally. Very much worth it on SCR blocks.

    I would try to fit some harpies or dark riders in the list.

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