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    1000pt competative list

    This list is designed to be a building block for the rest of my army but still be competative. I dont know if you agree with me in this or not but in my gaming group magic and shooting are thought of as most effective at lower point games (ex. 1000pt). I tried to focus on this while still including a combat unit or two and enough core so I dont break my relationship with my friends. Here it is....
    Sorceress w:/ lvl 2, Sacrificial Dagger, and Pearl of Infinite Bleakness (I added the Pearl so that the unit of Warriors I sacrifices doesnt panic) need advice on this choice....
    20 Warriors w:/ lordling, standard, and shields ( combat/protection unit)
    20 Warriors w:/ shields (Sacraficial dagger unit)
    10 Rep. Crossbowmen w:/ musician, shields
    10 Rep. Crossbowmen w:/ musician, shields
    5 CoK w:/ musician ( I expect I will expand this unit to a block of 15 or so, I plan to increase the command group too but for this size I think just a musician would be good) advice on this desicion...
    War hydra
    total about 1000pts Thanks for your commentS!!!

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    I would try to get the 'combat protection warrior unit beefed up to 25.

    One unit of the Rep crossbowmen might be a better way to go. If you plan to deploy both in a single row of 10 you will often find yourself struggling to find the room. I also find they create a severe 'soft spot' in your lines (i.e if they get charged and break, you can end up with enemies behind your lines)
    I'd suggest a bolt thrower instead, but that would mean dropping the Hydra.. which does look nice & nasty in a 1000pt list.

    CoK's could be replaced by cheaper & more reliable Dark riders, or even a chariot. & no dont expand them to a unit of 15 later. A single row of 6 is still the maximum you should field (in terms of effectiveness vs points cost)

    Overall, you will probably get narrowly out-shot by other shooty lists, and steam-rolled by combat heavy lists (depending a bit on who gets first turn and also luck).
    The most competitve DE list is a balanced one that can take all comers. but your list only needs a bit of tweeking to be exactly that.

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