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    1000pt 8th Edition. Friendly

    This list is basically built around testing out the handbow Corsair strategy (walk up, shoot.. then stand and shoot when charged, & hopefully fight first too with I5).
    Assassin joins them with rending stars to help bolster the shooting & combat, dishing out 3 S5 shots & 4 ASF attacks hitting on 3's with re-rolls and wounding on 3's.

    I might also be able to use the shadow bonus to swap the Assassin and Sorceress around if the situation calls for it.
    I will be hoping for #6 Mindrazor spell, to help offset the lack of high strength in the list. The -Toughness hex would also help with that to an extent.

    I'm also looking to trial the units of 20 crossbows with shields, all firing in 10x2 then reforming with musician to 5x4 if attacked.

    Sorceress – lvl 2 – 180
    -Tome of Furion
    -Seal of Ghrond
    -Lore of Shadow

    Assassin – 151
    -Rending Stars
    -2nd Hand weapon

    25 Spearmen – 215
    -Shields, FC, War Banner

    14 Corsairs – 140 (+ Assassin)

    19 Crossbowmen – 214 (+Sorceress)
    Shields, Musician

    Bolt thrower OR Cold One Chariot


    Corsairs will deploy in front of the Spear block to screen for shooting, and start creeping forward to try the above strategy.
    Crossbows deploy in 10x2, next to the spear block for protection.
    Bolt thrower or Chariot on the other side of the Spear block, havent decided which yet. Thoughts?


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    Go with the Bolt Thrower because of the 48" on it, it'll mess some units up pretty badly, especially with the Crossbowmen as well that'll hurt too! Pretty cool list though

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