Hello all, I have a tournament coming up the end of this month, this is this list I came up with, just looking for some feedback on it. Thanks in advance.

Dreadlord w/ Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Cold One, Giant Blade, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem
Supreme Sorceress w/ level 4, Sacrificial Dagger, Pendant of Khaeleth, Black Dragon Egg

Death Hag w/ Cauldron of Blood, BSB, Manbane
Sorceress w/ level 2,Tome of Furion, Seal of Ghrond

25 Black Ark Corsairs FC, Sea Serpent Standard
25 Dark Elf Warriors FC, Shields, War Banner
20 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen w/ FC

10 Cold One Knights FC, Banner of Hag Graef, Crimson Death
18 Black Guard FC, Banner of Murder, Whip of Agony
War Hydra

War Hydra

War Hydra