hey guys, its been awhile since ive played a good ole game of warhammer so i thought with the new rules here it would be a good time to pick everything up again. Ive tried to make a list that is kinda away from the Dark Elf power armies of today, so I have no black guard or war hydras. Any helpful advice would be great

supreme sorceress-285
lv 4, focus familiar
(place familiar within 6", can be used for line of site or distance)

lv 2, tome of furion
(additional spell)

lance, enchanted shield, heavy armour, sdc
pendant of khaeleth
(shield, 5+save)
(ward save based on strength of attack, roll equal or under)

shields, standard, champ, musician
(additional +1 to combat resolution)

shields, standard, champ, musician

hand weapon, handbow

hand weapon*2, sea serpent standard, standard bearer

dark riders*5-110


cold one knights*6-178
dread knight


bolt thrower*2-200

comes to a total of 1998/2000, I will admit that i do love the corsair models however finding a good role for them in a game has been a challenge, however I have found the small cheap units work well for distractions and that serpent banner always makes for an interesting unit. A thought I had was to take out the chariot and shades to put in a small unit of executioners, this is mainly cause I briefly saw the new rules for skirmishers and was a little disappointed. In 7th edition this list was always fun to play cause i could pull off a few wins without using the main uber units that dark elves have, and the variety of units was nice as well