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    2250 DE Army vs WoC Friendly

    I am inexperienced in Warhammer, especially 8th Ed and am taking on WoC in a couple of weeks. I have put together an army list and am looking for some critique and guidance where necessary.
    Below is the list, followed by a rough outline of the kind of plan I have in mind for utilising them.

    Lords (335/562½)

    Supreme Sorceress 320
    Magic: Level 4, Lore of Dark Magic/Metal
    Equipment: Hand Weapon
    Magic Items: Pendant of Khaeleth, Ring of Hotek

    Heroes (375/562½)

    Battle Standard Bearer riding Cold One Chariot 235
    Equipment: Lance, repeater crossbow
    Magic Items: Ring of Darkness

    Sorceress 140
    Magic: Level 1, Lore of Dark Magic/Metal
    Equipment: Hand Weapon
    Magic Items: Tome of Furion, Sacrificial Dagger

    Core Units (562/562½)

    30 Dark Elf Warriors with Full Command 195
    Equipment: Hand weapon, spear, light armour

    24 Dark Elf Warriors with Full Command 159
    Equipment: Hand weapon, spear, light armour
    Magic Standard: War Banner (+1 CR)

    12 Repeater Crossbowmen 120
    Equipment: Hand weapon, light armour, repeater crossbow

    8 Harpies 88
    Equipment: Vicious claws and temperament (hand weapon)

    Special Units (455/1125)

    5 Cold One Knights 135
    Equipment: Hand weapon, lance, heavy armour, shield
    Special Rules: Eternal Hatred (re-roll to hit 1st round of CC), Fear, Stupidity, Thick-skinned

    20 Black Guard of Naggarond with Full Command 320

    Equipment: Hand weapon, heavy armour, halberd
    Magic Items (Tower Master): Crimson Death (S6)

    Rare Units (375/562½)

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers 200
    Equipment: Hand weapon, light armour

    War Hydra 175
    Equipment: Hand weapon, beastmaster’s scourge

    Additional Units

    Assassin 146
    Equipment: Two hand weapons
    Special Rules: Eternal Hatred (re-roll to hit 1st round of CC), Khainite, Scout, Poisoned Attacks, Always Strikes First, Hidden, A Killer not a Leader
    Gifts of Khaine: Rune of Khaine, Manbane


    The basic plan is to use Magic and shooting to soften up his army at range before getting pulled into a close-quarters fight.
    I plan to give one of my sorceresses the Metal Lore, and the other Dark Magic - both of these lores have powerful spells that will ignore armour saves. The Ring of Hotek will help to protect my guys and can be potentially fatal to his wizards. I will need to keep my wizards separate from each other for the same reason however.
    The rxbs should take care of any lighter units he brings such as Warhounds or Marauders, and the RBTs can be used against lone characters or maybe an inevitable unit of Chaos Knights.
    The blocks of spearmen should provide enough ranks for Steadfast and they will hopefully be accompanied by Hydra/CoKs/Chariot charging into the flank of his heavy infantry units.
    I have equipped the assassin to be able to take most champions out in a challenge, or kill some infantry - he will most likely die straight after.
    The plan for the Harpies is either to irritate his Hellcannon, if he brings one, or to sit in front of his main battle-line to entice a charge, then flee, breaking his line and opening him up to getting that unit flanked as described above.
    I shall probably use the Black Guard to rove the battlefield as the situation evolves - possibly getting into a stray unit's flank and disrupting them.
    I am not entirely sure how to equip my BSB in the chariot, any tips appreciated

    That's the basics of what I'm thinking, please get back to me with any criticism and pointers that you feel may better prepare for the fight.

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    You do not meet you minimum core requirments since harpies do not count towards the requirements.

    Plus, when you have to fill >562,5, I doubt that 562 would suffice either. It's under 562,5

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    I'm not sure why you've put the ring of hotek on your level 4 sorceress? Also, the sac. dagger and tome of furion are both arcane items and thus can't go on the same character I'd consider dropping the harpies against WoC, they're really no match for a hellcannon, though I suppose you could perhaps use them to charge in a flank or rear.

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