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    2500pt Khanite Army; Friendly Games

    I just think this would be a lot of fun to roll out against someone, especially when my opponent would most likely be expecting lots of RxB and Hydras

    Crone Hellebron-- 350

    Death Hag-- BSB-- Hydra Banner-- Witchbrew, Rune of khaine-- 240

    Death Hag-- Cauldron-- 200

    Death Hag-- Cauldron-- 200

    23 Witch Elfs-- f/c-- 255 (joined by Crone)

    23 Witch Elfs-- f/c-- 255 (joined by BSB

    30 Witch Elfs-- f/c, banner of murder, witchbrew-- 375

    8 Harpies-- 88

    7 Harpies-- 77

    6 Shades-- ahw-- 102; joined by Assassin-- ahw, manbane-- 121

    6 Shades-- ahw-- 102; joined by Assassin-- ahw, black lotus, rune of khaine-- 131

    Total: 2496

    Ok so I have not been around the WHFB scene in a little while and I am new to DE, just starting them this addition. But this list looks like it would be crazy, not unlike a Slayers army of old.

    The two cauldrons will dish out ward saves to two of my Witch units while they move up, fury to help my witches mop up light infantry/hordes, or pop killing blow on them to bring down heavily armored units. The Unit with BSB will have a ridiculous amount of attacks because of their banner anyway (up to 5 per witch with the fury of khaine)! I gave the armor pen to the unit without a character to compensate for low strength attacks and the unit with Crone will be doing alright in combat i think lol. Plus all of my witches will be stubborn.

    I took two units of Harpies and two units of Shades for harrassment, also they fit the theme of the list (sorta). I added in two assassins with my shades (most likely, but I may hide them with the witches sometimes) so they can get the jump on enemies, dishing out some close combat nastiness to a potential spell caster sitting back near ranged units.

    So yeah... What does anyone think? I feel like i will get annihilated by magic and probably from shooting too... a 5+ ward can only do so much and my harassment guys can only deal with a few targets a turn...

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    Too many points in heroes. You have a maximum of 625 to spend. Need to lose 15 points somewhere.

    Magic is going to hurt you a lot. No dispel scrolls, nothing to channel dispel dice, and no wizard to get the wizard level bones to dispel. At 2500 a lot of armies will be fielding 2-3 wizards at the very least.

    T3 around the board will hurt. War Hydras would really help take a lot of the flak off of your units.

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