Yeah, after playing a few games, the repeaters are definitely doing the most damage. One large block of spears is nice to hold some units up and do a bit of damage. Here is another revised list.

One thing I am not sure about is the Pendant of Khaeleth on the Sorceress as a ton of low-strength shots or magic that doesn't use strength can tear her apart without too much effort. Which would be better PoK or the Talisman of Preservation?

Really would prefer to have a ward save on the BSB, but I kinda want him to be able to kill stuff decently as well. BSB goes with the Warriors to get a nice big block of 30.

Had 10 points left and no idea what to do with it, so I took a Guardmaster for each of the Xbow units.

Another concern. Are 8 shades too many?

  • Supreme Sorceress - Level 4, Shadows, Talisman of Preservation, Dark Pegasus - 355
  • Master - Armour of Darkness, Crimson Death, BSB - 155
  • x25 Warriors - Shields, FC - 190
  • x29 Warriors - Shields, FC - 218
  • x20 Reapter Crossbowmen - Shields, Musician, Guardmaster - 230
  • x20 Reapter Crossbowmen - Shields, Musician, Guardmaster - 230
  • x8 Shades - Extra Hand Weapon - 136
  • War Hydra - 175
Total: 1499