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    2750 Dark Elf Army List - Well Rounded Friendly/Competative List (Attempt 3)

    Armor of Darkness
    Shield (because model has shield)
    Hydra Blade
    (In unit of 23 Corsairs)
    Total: 203 Points

    Supreme Sorceress
    Level 4
    Pendant of Khaeleth
    Sac. Dagger
    (In unit of 23 Warriors)
    Total: 320 Points

    Death Hag
    Cauldron of Blood
    Rune of Khaine
    Total: 225 Points

    Heavy Armor
    Cold One
    Hydra Banner
    (in unit of 5 cold one knights)
    Total: 185 Points

    Level 2
    Tome of Furion
    Seal of Ghond
    (in unit of 17 Black Guard)
    Total: 180 Points

    23 Warriors
    War Banner
    Total: 199 Points

    10 Crossbows
    Total: 105 Points

    10 Crossbows
    Total: 105 Points

    23 Corsairs
    Banner of Murder
    Total: 280 Points

    6 Harpies
    Total: 66 Points

    5 Cold one Knights
    Whip of Agony
    Total: 184 Points

    17 Black Guard of Naz
    Standard of Slaughter
    Crimson Death
    Total: 316 Points

    2 Bolt Throwers
    Total: 200 Points

    War Hydra
    Total: 175 Points

    Well that is my 3rd try at a list its based on units i want to build and paint, and a decent army that's well balanced to field in games.

    Please, be blunt, give me your advise and constructive criticism.

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    The main thing i have to say is, where is the army? Far too much in characters.
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    Couple of things to say.

    1) Your Dreadlord is going to be toasted if he comes up against something that ignore his armour save, such as Killing Blows, Cannons etc.
    Give him a ward/regen save.
    2) Don't put your BSB in the 5 Knights and don't put the Sorceress in the Black Guard. The unit of Knights is too small to keep him out of harms way and the Black Guard is likely to be your main fighting unit.
    3) Like Gedderz said, too many points on characters. For a rational list either make the Cauldron your BSB or drop it and take a BSB on foot. Remember, your BSB doesn't have to take a magical banner. Or cut the lvl 2. Or readjust them. To be honest, we've all been there and got over-excited by characters. In a rational list, you don't want to spend that many points on your characters. If the list is for friendly/just for fun then damn well go for it! Just make sure they can survive though, it's a bit depressing if you have a really expensive character that snuffs it when a breeze touches them. Unless its Hellebron, in which case you know she's gonna die.
    4) Take a Standard Bearer for your Cold One Knights, give him a decent banner (Ranger Standard, Banner of Swiftness, Banner of Eternal Flame, Standard of Discipline etc) and drop the Whip of Agony. The Dreadknight strikes at S6 on the charge anyway, and if you're not charging with your Cold One Knights then you shouldn't be taking them. Ranger Standard is brilliant, especially when you charge your Knights through a wood/wall/fence/ruin without having to take Dangerous Terrain checks when your opponent thought he was safe using the terrain to anchor his flank.

    The Hydras, Harpies, Reaper Bolt Throwers, Crossbowmen, Spearmen and Corsairs are fine, although if your going to be sacrificing the Spearmen don't give them command and a magic banner. Or take that unit and a second cheaper unit to sacrifice. Also maybe consider the Sea Serpent Standard for your Corsairs, it'll affect the Dreadlord and make him frenzied too.

    Like I said though, if its a list for fun, don't worry too much about what I've said. Happy Gaming.
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