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    4500 pt DE 3 way battle royal


    Dreadlord; GW; Chariot; Armor of Darkness (1+ save); Pendant of Khaeleth (reverse ward save); Crown of Command (Stubborn). Purpose is to tie up huge nasty units costing only 331 pts. Though he can dish out some pain so if no units are around then I will do combine charges with him.

    Dreadlord: Lance; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield; Black Dragon; Armor of living Death (5+ AS +1 toughness +1 wound 1/6 chance of being stupid); Ring of Hotek (increase cahnces of wizards miscast); The other trickester's shard (reroll sucessful ward saves) 575


    Battle Standard Bearer:
    Hag Queen with Cauldron of Blood 225

    Sorceress Lvl 2; Tomb of Furion (extra spell); Lore of Dark 150

    Sorceress Lvl 2; Dispell Scroll; Talisman of Protection (6+ Ward Save); Lore of Shadow 175

    Sorceress Lvl 2; Sacrificial Dagger (sac a guy to gain extra power die after you attempt to cast a spell; Opal Amulet(4+ Ward Save against first wound) Lore of Shadow; Going to roll his speels second for a greater chance to getting a double therefore getting the spell I want. Risky but might work 175

    Noble: Heavy Armor; Sea Dragon Cloak; Hand Weapon and Shield; Dragon Helm (2+ WS against flaming attacks; Black Dragon Egg (Toughness 6 and Breath Weapon Attack) 130

    Lokhir Fellheart; 250


    Corsairs: 41; Full Cmd; Hand bows; Banner of Murder (armor piercing) 460

    RXB: 17; Musician; Shield 192

    RXB: 16; Musician; Shield 181

    RXB: 20; Musician; 205

    Warriors: 22 132 This unit is used for the Sacrifical Dagger

    Harpy Coven: 55


    Witch Elves: 30; Full Cmd; Rune of Khaine (+D3 attacks) 350

    Cold One Kinghts: 10; Musician and Stnd Bearer; Gleaming Pennat (reroll one failed leadership roll) used for a failed stupidity check 299

    Shades: 5; 90


    Hydra: 175

    Hydra: 175

    Hydra: 175

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    Hey man, solid looking list. Hahahaa, 3 Hydras...love it.
    Couple of questions/pointers.

    The Chariot mounted Dreadlord is best used for supporting charges, not tying up big nasty units. He's not a tarpit, he's a support unit. Sure, he's Ld 10 and Stubborn, but the dice can always go against you.

    Dragon mounted Dreadlord. Being T4 with 4W, causing miscasts on the roll of any double within 12" is not going to help him if he gets his Dragon shot out from under him Turn one. Which against anyone with a warmachine will likely happen. I "suggest" maybe taking the Ring of Darkness and the Glittering Scales/Cloak of Hag Graef. That way ranged attacks are half BS for shooting him and the Dragon (not much help against cannons etc, but saves you from Bolt Throwers a bit), CC attacks against him are half WS and then you have either an extra -1 to hit him (WS 3 opponents will hit him on a 6) or shooting attacks at half Strength (making that scary cannon a slightly less scary S5).

    What have you given the Shades? 5 Shades are only 80pts, you have them down as 90pts.

    What if you fail a stupidity check twice in a row with the Knights? I'd suggest either the Ranger Standard (Strider rule, go charging gleefully through terrain with no penalties), the Standard of Slaughter (although to be honest I've never needed the extra D3 CR) or the Banner of Swiftness. 8" movement from Cold One Knights? Not to be sniffed at (I miss the old Banner of Murder from the last DE Army Book, extra D6" when you charge. Ah the sight of Cold One Knights charging 20" under 6th/7th ed. Would have been a potential 24" charge in 8th ed).

    But hey, it's a decent list. Have fun with it.
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