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    DE army list 2500 pts

    Oke here is my second DE list let me know what you guys think.

    Lord ( 395/625 )

    Supreme Sorceress ( Shadow Magic )
    LV 4
    Dark Pegasus
    Tome of Furion
    Pendant of Khaeleth
    Power Scroll

    Heroes ( 560/625 )

    Sorceress ( death/Fire Magic )
    Dispel Scroll
    Sacrificial Dagger

    Death Hag
    Cauldron of Blood

    Death Hag
    Battle Standard Bearer
    Standard of hag greaf

    Core ( 625/625+ )

    40 Dark Elf Warriors
    Full Command

    10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

    10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

    5 Dark Riders
    Repeater Crossbows

    Elite ( 462/1250 )

    30 Witch Elves
    Full Command
    Banner of Eternal Flame

    6 Shades
    Additional Handweapon

    Rare ( 450/625 )

    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower

    2 War hydra

    Now let me explain some things.Let me start on my lord, I just love using shadow magic. It makes my opponement weaker slower or it just simply wipes him off the table through boosting me or using pit of shades.tomb of furion ensures i have 5 out of 6 spells. Pendant speaks for itself. Why powerscroll??? well it happens that when i actually need mindrazer i get a dispell scroll or something ans my unit gets a hard time. Now with Power scroll any double is inrisistable, and since im a dark elf player i can decide how may dices i roll for my casting.

    Heroes, sorceress, more magic..... I just love cating nasty things on my enemy's head.
    death Hag with cauldron to support my witches
    Death Hag with BsB goes with the witches, im doubting the ASF banner and wandering if banner of murder is a better choice.

    core, the warriors. my lv 2 sorceress goes along with these guys so she can kil one or 2 for some more magic.
    the RxB stand back with cauldron and Reaper bolt thrower for some protection and thinning enemy lines.
    Dark riders with there awsome speed i can herass war engines and maybe kill a lone char.

    Elite, Witch Elves, why not Black Guard??? well to be honest i just love the way witches eat through anything when they have mindrazor on them. if they dont have it the BsB and unit champion can still dish out really nice dmg.
    Shades, the same as darkriders, they are here for engine hunting and maybe a lone char here ad there.

    Rare, Bolt Thrower, i dont really love them but the 20 RxB would be to few ranged on there own. I seem to have a jinx on me when im throwing for the bigger bolt.... sadly.
    Hydra's, you just gotta love these brutes, they are so underprised for the stuff they can do. if 1 survives im happy cause it will cause havoc. let alone if both know to survive. flaming attacks are a pain though.

    anyway let me know what you guys think of this stuff. Any suggestions are welcome and will be take in consideration. Thanks in advance, Drachau

    We alone keep alive the great and noble traditions of our ancestors of Nagarythe.
    Only we follow the path laid by mighty Aenarion the Defender.
    Only we follow the true way.

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    in new edition it is alot of attacks who dont got a strengh value (all pick spells in death for example) so i would swap pendant of khaleth for 4+ ward save.
    you cant have 2 arcane items on 1 wizard (dispell scroll and power stone counts as one item now) so your sorceress yill be diferent.
    i would take away: lvl 2 wizard, bolt thrower, shades and add a block of black guards or cold one knights, actully 10 or 12 cold one knights is pretty devastating to meet on the battlefield.

    hope it helps
    an army that seeks to fight without the protection of the eagle claws is clearly courageous or inept. either way, í wish no part in it - Eolaran Greyhawk, Seamaster.

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