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    Dark Elves 2k First Draft

    Hey there. I'm new to Dark Elves, and FB in general, and wanted to know if anyone could help me work the kinks out of my 2k list.


    Supreme Sorceress – 315 (In the Spearmen)
    - Lore of Shadow
    - Level 4 Wizard
    - Sacrificial Dagger
    - Black Dragon Egg


    Sorceress – 150 (In the Crossbows)
    - Lore of Dark Magic
    - Level 2 Wizard
    - Tome of Furion

    Master – 240
    - Repeater Crossbow
    - Chariot
    - Deathpiercer
    - Ring of Hotek
    - Heavy Armour, Shield, Cloak


    18 Dark Elf Warriors – 166
    - Shields
    - Full Command
    - Banner of Murder

    11 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowman – 110

    15 Black Ark Corsairs – 200
    - Full Command
    - Sea Serpent Standard

    5 Dark Riders – 92

    10 Harpies – 110


    7 Cold One Knights – 197
    - Musician

    15 Black Guard of Naggarond – 295
    - Full Command
    - Crimson Death
    - Standard of Hag Graef


    War Hydra – 175

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers – 200


    So, the two sorceresses try and give me a much needed magical punch, while bolt throwers lay down some solid covering fire. The 2X6 Xbowman are going to be flankers, maybe working as cover for another unit, such as the Spearmen. Smoke and mirrors may let her trade places with the Supreme Sorc, giving a breath weapon and +1 T for a turn, or may trade with the master if his chariot gets destroyed. (Hotek is 12' range, don't have my book on me, but pretty sure smoke and mirrors is 15'...)
    Chariot can be used to clear out hordes or crush heroes on their own. Heroe on it is fairly durable and can fire a couple pot shots with the other crew member. Str 6 ID on the charge on top of impact, crew, and cold one hits makes it look like a pretty deadly unit... Again, new to fantasy, and I haven't seen a lot of chariot love, so maybe I'm wrong.
    Everything else in the list should be pretty self explanatory. Not planning on using the harpies as JUST a screen; they're not terrible in combat and can help get a rear or flank charge. My goal is to get at least a flank and front charge off where possible, and use the deadly supporting magic of Lore of Shadow and the dark elf Lore to give my warriors a much needed advantage. I play orks in 40k, so I've tried to keep targets as saturated as possible... Let me know if you have my list prioritized easily. Open to all suggestions; I have the first 750 points collected so far, getting some black guard soon, but I'm not opposed to buying new models ever lol.

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    Hey mate, good list. I personally prefer to field more bodies per unit, with the exception of Knights which I run 5-7.

    Can't remember if Smoke and Mirrors has a range, don't think it does, it's just any other character model that is also the same unit type I think.

    Chariots are under-rated in my opinion. Not sure if you can give him a lance though, as lances are for cavalry really. I regularly run a Chariot-mounted Dreadlord and used to give him either Crimson Death for S6 or the Giant Blade for S7. However, instead of using him to compensate for the Chariot's relative weakeness against high toughness/high armour targets, I find it is better to use them to enhance the Chariot's strengths against low toughness/lightly armoured units. I now give the Dreadlord the Sword of Bloodshed and the Potion of Foolhardiness. This gives him (on the charge using the potion) D6+1 S5 Impact, 1 S5 attack, 2 S4 attacks from the Chariot and then 8 S4attacks from the Dreadlord. That spells death for anything lightly armoured. For a Master, the Hydra Blade is a good investment, as is the 40pt sword that gives him +2 Attacks, or the Berzerker Sword (makes him Frenzied).

    Additionally, Chariot-mounted characters use the Chariot's T, W and Armour Save, thanks to the fact their Troop Type changes to "Chariot" and they follow all the rules for being a Chariot. That makes your Master T5 with 4W with a 2+ save (3+ Chariot, +1 for being mounted). However, he also counts as riding a Monster, so both he and the Chariot are hit by template weapons and can be hit seperately in combat, all using the Chariot's T, W and save for both models (so Malekith is T5 with 4W and a 1+ save on the Black Chariot). This is in the Rulebook and I have verified it with GW, so make the most of it, until they nerf it that is.
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