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    Trying Fantasy again, but with the Dark kin this time 1.5k

    Hello all,

    I am a 40k and LotR player, have been for quite some time.
    Untill now I've tried twice to go to play Fantasy, first Daemons (as double purpose F/40k), and when the new set Island of Blood came out, I gathered the contents of 2 boxes.
    Both times I got rather tired of the game pretty soon, mostly due to the fact that individual models are almost meaningless, and saw to many people using dice to represent ranks (my first game of Fantasy with Daemons vs empire had my opponent using 1 unit and a charzacter and some movement trays with dice representing units).
    This combined with a then dislike of painting Fantasymodels drove me back to 40k in an instant. Because of unforseen circumstances I want to try again, however, I still dislike to paint Daemons, and I'm not to keen on playing High Elves, due to being somewhat bland. I however do not have the means of buying a complete new army at this time.

    Enter 40k, I am an avid Dark Eldar player, who has a truckload of Dark Eldar Bitz left and when I looked at it I had a revelation, with those bitz I could smash the HE apart and turn them into Dark Elves, which if anything alike my Dark Eldar will be a lot more popular with myself then the High Elves (regardless of not getting to play Alith Anar (which was at the time the reason for picking HE, due to Shadow King by Gav Thorpe)).

    First however I wanted to ask your opinions on my starting list, using the IoB with the needed 'modifications ala Rakarth'

    Crone Hellebron (Wych Lord, though I do not yet include Wych Elves I shall include them at 2k, and then i'll need extra core)

    Sorceress lvl2 dark magic (Darkstar Cloak/ Tome of Furion)


    20 Dark Elf Warriors (spear and shield) (converted Sea Guard)

    10 Dark Riders (repeater crossbows) (converted Ellyrians)


    20 Har Ganeth Executioners (converted SoH)
    FC (Banner of Cold Blood)

    7 Shades with Greatweapons (will be Mandrakes(40k DE))

    1 War Hydra (plastic dragon which is base of Malekith and Imrik with Wych(40k old models) handlers)

    I don't care what the colour of your marines is, what matters is the codex on the table, and wether i can easily identify what they mean ;) (My view on WYSIWYG)
    I play:Dark Eldar, Lamenters, Grey Knights (soon to become pre-heresy thousand sons)

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    Hey mate,

    Shades with GW aren't as good as they used to be. Basically they will run into something and die, maybe being lucky enough to get in one attack, maybe 2. AHW are a lot better for Shades.

    Hellebron is awesome, however she dies very easily. Don't forgot if she's your General your Witch Elves are Core choices too.

    Also, 2x5 works better for Dark Riders, more flexible and more maneuverable. 10 are too cumbersome.
    Fantasy - Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos \/ 40K - Word BearersChaos Space Marines

    Vargarna i Vinterkylan
    Chaos Warriors Army Project

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