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    2k Army Need help

    I havent played for about a year and a half, and with these new rules that came out i feel a little out of place. I never sign up to these kind of forums so im a little skeptic of what i signed up for.

    Atm i have about 2500 points but some WE(13) and BG (5), 5 knights, lord on cold one and a repeater bolt thrower arent painted.

    from the reading i did i suspect people are making huge massive units now... Im alright with that since i did this before and thankfully its one change i dont mind. But i dont know if the units are big enough.

    My Army is gonna look like this, im trying to paint the unfinished models asap.

    24 spearmen-183

    30 Spearmen-225

    10 xbowmen-130

    10 xbowmen-130

    19 corsairs-205
    2xhand weaps

    1 Chariot-100

    5 Cold one knights-175

    2 Bolt Throwers-200

    2x dispel scroll

    Heavy armour

    Dreadlord- 270
    Heavy armour
    Sea Dragon Cloak
    Cold one
    Sword of ruin
    Pendant of kaeleth

    That sums it up. I used to run 4 bolt throwers but i really love the hydra, and considering bying one. By reading the new rules, is it better to make the xbowunit one big unit of 20 and fielding ten wide now that they can shoot 2 ranks? Is it more tactical to do that or keep the two units small and as a harrassment unit?

    I have about 30 points left, prob for some banner for a unit. But feel free to change the list as you see fit i am up for suggestions.

    Kind regards,


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    hey welcome back to fantasy first off magic is huge now most all competitive builds have a lvl 3-4 mage and another lvl1-2 there are multipule reasons why this is true.one being that magic is easyer to cast and more balanced with winds of magic.plus u add your mages lvl to all cast /dispell rolls so lvl 4s are nice.dark elf lvl1-2 mages can cast high lvl spells too by tossing alot of dice at it and trying for irresistable force but once a mage fails any cast he cant cast anymore spells that turn .thats why its good to take 2mages so u can still cast if your other fails.also dark elfs gain alot from lore of shadow and death death has purple sun which is awesome and can mess entire armys up,and in shadow u have penumbral pendulum which is some needed cannon fire for dark elves and with okkams mindrazor u can switch elves high leadership for there str so wars would be str8 and black gaurd would be str 9!! they would tear up anything.then it has some good hexs -3str spell and -3toughness can really help our cc units shine.also bsbs are really a must have now so get one and give him a good armour and ward save.corsairs are overpriced for waht they do imo but a good trick in 8th is to run them in small 10 man units with repeater bolt throwers.u just run them up in front of a unit you want to harass or make them go around u and get within 8inchs and blast um with 20bolts then if they decide to not go around u and charge u ,u can stand and shoot with another 20bolts as all shooting can be done in 2ranks now,then comes the reg cc not bad for a 100 point throw away unit.def get a hydra i run 2 lol but bolt throwers are good too.save your pendant of khaeleth for your lvl4 sorceress theres other ward saves to give a fighty character.as for crossbowmen u can do a 20 man unit then reform into a combat unit when the enemy gets too close but i like just 10 man units with musicans on the flanks no shields and u can put a sorceress in these too good place to hide a lvl1-2.plus u can only take 1 dispell scroll now no more multiples.wars are good as anvils in 30-40man units 5x7 for 35 or horde for 40 shields and warbanner and/or bsb in it or fighty character for more combat resolution.but bodies are king in 8th cause u want to out number your foe with your anvils so u can get steadfast and be stubborn so you can let your coks and chariot hit the flanks.also u want to have a unit of black guard and/or executioners black gaurd just tear crap up and executioner are not bad anymore with the step up rule letting them attack back even with their always strikes last rule 2 ranks of str 6 killing blow can tear up some chaos or other heavily armoured foes.well i hope all this helped sorry for the ranting. gl

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    That's a huge ugly mass of text above...

    First off, your "combat units" are too small. The spearmen and corsairs need to be bulked out. 35 Spearmen in 5x7 formation seems to be the norm now. With the steadfast rule if makes an excellent sac dag armed sorceress bunker. I'd suggest the dropping one spearman unit, then increasing the other one to at least 35. Use the excess points to increase the corsairs to 30 (if you have them in your collection, if it's a friendly game then just proxy the excess spearmen as corsairs).

    Also, I'd drop the FC on the crossbowmen. All they need is a musician to enable them to quick reform and still shoot at anything that gets outside of their line of sight. Personally I prefer running two smaller 10 man units of Rxb's instead of one large unit. The smaller units are more tactically flexible as it enables them to shoot at individual targets, as opposed to one huge unit which is forced to send all it's shots to the same target.

    For your characters, you're now only able to have one dispel scroll per army, as you can't duplicate arcane items (including scrolls) which technically makes your sorceress illegal. With that many spearmen in your army, I highly recommend taking the sacrificial dagger as having the consistent extra power dice comes in handy when your winds of magic rolls are low.

    Upgrading the master to a BSB is almost essential now. Although dark elves have high leadership already, the ability to re-roll those failed stupidity checks when you need them really comes in handy.

    If you have the money to spare I definitely encourage you to pick up a hydra. It's an absolute killing machine.

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