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Thread: 2500pt DE

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    2500pt DE

    Hey there everyone, I just recently started getting back into Warhammer after a long hiatus, and I've been dusting off the models and seeing what kind of changes 8th has wrought upon the game. Overall I'm not sure how I really feel, I got a small game in several months ago, and I'm hoping to get a larger one in in the next few weeks. But all that's really irrelevant to the list.

    I'm hoping for feedback so be as cruel as you please, I haven't played in a while and its my first 'real' 8th edition list, so I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement.


    Dreadlord -267
    -Giant Blade
    -Charmed Shield
    -Ironcurse Icon
    -Heavy Armor
    -Sea Dragon Cloak
    -Cold One

    Supreme Sorceress -350
    -Lvl 4 Wizard
    -Sacrificial Dagger
    -Pendent of Khaleth


    Master -141
    -Battle Standard Bearer
    -Armor of Darkness
    -Beastmaster’s Scourge

    Lokhir Fellheart -250

    Sorceresss -150
    -Lvl 2 Wizard
    -Tome of Furion


    Spearmen -219
    -34 Spearmen
    -Full Command

    Repeater Cross Bowmen -100
    -10 RxB

    Black Arc Corsairs -180
    -14 Corsairs with Handbows
    -Musician and Standard Bearer
    -Sea Serpent Standard

    Dark Riders -183
    -8 Dark Riders


    Cold One Knights -313
    -9 CoK
    -Full Command
    -Dreadknight with Other Trickster’s Shard
    -Banner of Swiftness

    Cold One Chariot -100


    Reaper Bolt Thrower -100

    War Hydra -175

    All said and told, comes out to a nice 2498.

    My thoughts on the Lords and Heroes:

    Dreadlord: Weighing in with a hefty strength 7, a re-rollable 1+ armor save, a 6+ ward save vs warmachines, and the ability to ignore the first hit suffered on a 2+, I feel that this lord is plenty killy. By sticking him with the CoK with the other trickster's shard, we have a lord able to really lay into an enemy unit, or possibly character depending on the placement, and easily go to town on them. Against most opponents the dreadlord will hit on 3-4, re-rolling misses the first round of combat.

    Supreme sorceress: Just stick her in with the spear elves and have a nice bus to hide in and sling spells from. The size of the unit should mean being stubborn most of the time, and the sorceress's Pendent of Khaleth should protect her.

    Master BSB: I'm not sure if I like the loadout. A 1+ armor save, re-rollng the first failed save should help her survive in combat, and though she has 4 attacks, they lack hitting power.

    Lokhir Fellheart: With massive troop blocks abounding in 8th Edition, Lokhir seems like a solid go to killer. I can imagine him easily getting upwards of seven or eight attacks around. His making captured units worth more VPs is also handy.

    My thoughts on Core Units:

    Spearmen: Just a nice, solid block for the the Supreme sorceress to sit in. I increased the size almost double to what I used to use in 7th to try and take advantage of the new rules.

    RxB: Just some guys to move around and lay down some fire into units to widdle them down.

    Dark Rider: These guys seem to have taken a major hit in 8th, like a lot of fast cavalry. But I think they should make adequate warmachine hunters and still bait marginally well.

    Thoughts on Special:

    Cold One Knights: A nice big unit to put my Dreadlord in and gain some extra bodies, and try to gain a little extra combat resolution. I like having the other trickster's shard here, though I thought about using the Terrifying mask of eeee! to make the unit cause terror. With the banner they become a little faster, and every inch of movement counts.

    Cold One Chariot: I love chariots, and the chariot no longer dies to Str 8, benefits from stupidity (never thought I'd hear myself say that) and will get to re-roll the leadership test if the banner is around. The plan with this guy is to keep him close to the Hydra so they can charge a unit together and bring a silly amount of attacks to bear.

    Thoughts on Rare:

    War Hydra: Speaking of the Hydra, this is another unit that seems to have gotten a boost from the new rules. With the Chariot supporting it should perform alright.

    Reaper Bolt Thrower: While I'm not crazy about the new changes to war machines, I still like the RBT, it can lay down a hail of fire, or skewer something unpleasantly, I'll just have to try and get the most out of it before the opponent ends up in my grill.

    My enemy's enemy is a problem for later. In the meantime, they might be useful.

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    Member kpooh's Avatar
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    I would personally have a really hard time playing this list. At 2500 pts it feels a little weak for 8th ed. Basically, your units are a little too thin to be effective.

    *Please note that battle standard bearers cannot carry magical items other than the banner. I usualy run a death hag bsb with a few gifts of khaine in a unit of executioners.

    The main issue, however, is that the strongest unit in this list is the COK. Cav got a huge nerf in 8th ed....they are good monster killers...but against big blocks of infantry they wont do too much. If you lose 1 guy (and you will) you are basically losing all your CR. You wont even be able to break ranks in a flank charge without 2 full ranks.

    Lokir is a bit of a points sink in a unit of 14 corsairs (14 corsairs will die really fast). I would drop him and the chariot (chariot would be fine if you had more troops) and beef up units....or consider another unit of special...like Executioners...or more bolt throwers.

    Finally, one level 2 wizard probably wont cut it in 8th ed at this point level. Casting bonuses means that opponent will probably dominate the magic phase...which is a really painful situation to find yourself in in 8th.

    Hope that gives you a bit of direction. This would be a good list for 7th...but sooo much has changed.

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    kpooh idk where ur getting that your bsb cant have magic items but its not true,he can have magic items as long as he doesnt take a "magic" banner.but other than that you should get rid of lokhir as u have 2lords already you shouldnt need another fighty guy and u need the points for more troops,increase the corsairs to 20-30 maybe get some executioners or black guard too.plus 8 dark riders is a bit much 5-6 is fine 8 wont do anything they cant break ranks without at least 10 and like kpooh said you wil lose one then u cant break anything.but i still like coldone knights in units of 10 they are fun just combine their charge with the warriors or corsairs and your all set to win combat easy.also take a musican on your crossbowmen so they can swift reform and turn around to shoot when someone is behind u.so with taking away 3dark riders,lokhir,and the chariot u can buff your other stuff.hope this helps

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    Member kpooh's Avatar
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    Yeah, sorry....been misreading the rule for quite some time now it seems....totally apologize for that

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