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Thread: 3000, Friendly

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    3000, Friendly

    Thank you for reading my post. I am a returning player, new to eighth edition but not to dark elves. While I’ve mostly played Skaven and High Elves, in the last 22 years I’ve owned everything but lizardmen and chaos dwarves.

    While I do have a competitive nature and like to play well, nothing is more important to me than sportsmanship. I want to avoid being overly beardy and I hope this army is fair and balanced. I’d like to avoid shooting, character or magic heavy armies as my opponents rarely enjoyed playing against them when I played my high elves. I skipped named characters as many people don’t like them included in a “friendly” game. While none of these are necessarily unsportsmanlike, I’m in a new city where I will be meeting new people and want to play straightforwardly no matter how conservative my opponent is.

    So, without boring you further, this is the army list I’ve put together and the miniatures I am currently purchasing:

    305 Dreadlord - Pegasus, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Pendant of Khaeleth, Whip of Agony, Dragonhelmet and Black Dragon Egg.
    Lords 305

    This character seemed to work very well for another player on these boards and I like the idea of doing a cool conversion. I also like to play on my opponent’s side of the table, and I’m hoping this will let me do that.

    180 Sorceress - lvl2 Lore of Dark - Tome of Furion, Null talisman
    225 Death Hag - BSB, Cauldron of Blood
    117 Master, hvy armor, gr weapon, sea dragon cloak, Pearl of infinite bleakness
    127 Master, hvy armor, gr weapon, sea dragon cloak, Crown of command
    Heroes 649

    I don’t want to do much in the magic phase, but I don’t want to get rolled over either so I got a level 2 sorceress. I got the death hag because they seem to be effective and will look really cool. I got the masters mostly for leadership as my general will not be nearby. One makes his unit immune to psychology, the other makes his stubborn.

    250 21 Corsairs – x-hand weapon, light armor, sea dragon cloak, sea serpent banner, musician

    225 30 Spearmen - shield, lordling, stnd, musician
    225 30 Spearmen - shield, lordling, stnd, musician
    110 10 Crossbowmen - shield
    110 10 Crossbowmen - shield
    110 10 harpies
    Core 1030

    The spearmen will go in two blocks with the executioners between them, waiting for a chance to pounce on a flank. My hydras will go on the outside, blocking unwanted charges from my corsairs and witches who will both be frenzied. The harpies should be on the other side of the table, hopefully keeping me from getting too shot up.

    I want to put the sorceress in a unit of spearmen to protect her. If I do, how do I keep her out of the front rank? I have a hero, champion, musician and standard bearer. She's still in the front rank however, right? As she’s mainly for counter-magic, I’m not sure if I want her somewhere with line of sight. And with that in mind, what is a good lore for buffing spells? I’d like to toss a lot of little spells to sneak one through, helping my units without drawing out huge amounts of dispel dice. Am I dreaming here and need to go with a Supreme Sorceress? I'll have a spare Morathi mini I can put on a dark steed if I need to. Of course, it'll cost me a unit of spearmen.

    228 14 Black Guard - halberd, heavy armor, banner of murder, musician
    225 21 Witch Elves – x-hand weapon, light armor, stnd, musician
    208 14 Executioners - 2handed weapon, heavy armor, draich-master, banner of eternal flame, mus
    Special 661

    I’m going to put the crossbows and black guard on one flank as I only ever seem to fill the whole table when playing my Skaven. Hopefully these three units are strong enough to keep people from going for that flank without costing too much. If they must fight however, I’m counting on the stubborn black guard to hold out until the dreadlord arrives.

    175 Hydra
    175 Hydra
    Rare 350

    I’m concerned about the hydras being too beardy and so thought about taking cold one chariots. Being next to the BSB I’m sure they’d be fine, it’s just that my last dark elf army had 4 chariots and I’ve never played with a hydra before. I’m open to change on this however.
    Total 2995

    So, thank you for reading. I hope this army isn’t too foolish but I am open to any and all comments. I’ve got about 2/3rds of the army purchased and will start putting it together week after next. I should say that I am a medical student in England and that I will only be able to play over the summer, or about three months. I’m afraid that I won’t have time to get bored of the army though being here in England, I plan on hitting a lot of GW stores on the metro. I’ll no doubt sell the army come August as summer next year will be in the Caribbean and they don’t have gaming stores.

    Best wishes,

    Matthew C
    Newcastle, England

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