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    2500 Points - Tourny - All comers

    Hi all,

    How does this 2.5K list look for weekly games at my local GW?

    The level 2 sorc can be swapped for the master as detailed below and then the SS will take the PoK and Ironcurse instead of the ToPres with 25 points to spare. (Cant decide if I prefer the peg sorc/master for the role!)

    Strategy below.



    Supreme Sorc, level 4, Sac Dagger, Pendant of Khaeleth and Ironcurse Iron/ToPres, Seal of Ghrond - 355


    Death Hag, COB, BSB - 225

    Master, Dark Peg, Pendant of Khaeleth, Other Tricksters Shard, Full Mundane Armour, BM's Scourge - 196


    Sorc, Dark Peg, level 2, Focus Familiar, Talisman of Protection - 225


    35 Spears, Shields, FC, Banner of Discipline - 275

    20 Corsairs, Standard, Muso, Sea Serpent Standard - 240

    15 RXB, Shields, Muso - 170

    5 Harpies - 55

    5 Harpies - 55


    7 COK, FC, Banner of Murder, Luckstone - 259

    21 Executioners, FC, Flaming Banner - 290


    Hydra - 175

    Hydra - 175


    2499/2475 points


    The idea is simple:

    A standard Sac Dagger SS in spearmen running steadfast with ld 10.

    A solid infantry core followed by the COB and flanked by the COKs and Hydra.

    Harpies for war machine hunting etc and the Peg death sorc/master for getting behind enemy lines and character hunting.

    The master I have given a scourge as I expect to be giving him killing blow from the COB. However I am concerned over his lack of strength however a lance will affect the charge only and a great weapon would gimp his AS. Is there cause for concern?

    The SS will be metal (if up against high armour), dark (versus heavy shooting) or shadow for all else.

    What are this list's weaknesses?

    Cheers for your consideration.


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    the list isnt bad but there are some issues like your coks dont need the banner of murder they are already str6 on the charge it would be better on the warrior unit also i would give the coks the discipline banner so they can take their stupidity tests on ldr ship10. less chance of them not doing what u want them to.theres not really any reason not to give your corsairs a champ too.you lvl4 cant take the seal of ghrond and talisman of preservation they are both talismans.you dont need the discipline standard here really just keep them in range of the bsb and they should be stead fast with rerolls.if u want to u could free up some points get rid of the master and field a fighty lord and stick him in with the warriors too hed clock in at around 225 with armourofdarkness/pendant/crimson death but hed be almost unkillable and give your army ldr10 with 4str 6 attacks each turn.maybe drop a cok maybe drop a couple corsairs run um 18 6x3 and give your lvl4 the dagger/talisman of preservation and that frees up 268 points minus the 225lord then your all good switch banners with the coks and u got a unit of warriors that with cauldron blessings can do some real damage.i quess u can try ironcurse on the lord too since its only 5 points up to u though.i just realized it was either or on the sorceress/master so in order to get the lord u would have to drop 2 corsairs, dropthe lvl4 to just talisman of preservation/dagger,drop the shields and 5 models from the crossbowmen,drop every thing from the lvl2,and one cold one that frees up exactly 228 points. well hope this helps lol good luck sorry after looking u dont have to take a lord really u could drop all the points i said then give your lvl2 death and the peg and the pendant/tome of furion giving her 3 spells and hard to kill fly her over into their lines and snipe characters and whatnot dont be afraid to toss alot of dice if she gets a miscast she can do some damage to them as well would be funny anyways that leaves u 128points drop one unit of harpies and get a unit of 6 shades with ahws add 6models to your corsairs for 6x4 add a champ there too and add 1more harpie to make it 6 and that brings u in at exactly 2500 sound like fun with the lvl 2 also go shadow def on your lvl 4 best lore for dark elves and works great with death
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