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    2500 point all comer list

    lvl4 supreme sorceress,talisman of preservation,tome of furion (shadow)
    lokhir fellheart
    lvl2 sorceress,dispell scroll (death/dark)
    master,bsb,pendant,blood armour,halberd

    28x warriors,full com.,banner of eternal flame 5x6 (bsb/lvl4)
    23x corsairs,full com.,sea serpent standard 6x4 (lokhir)
    10x crossbowmen,musician
    10x crossbowmen,musician
    5x dark riders,crossbows,musician

    20x black gaurd,full com.,banner of murder,iron curse icon 7x2
    6x shades,ahws

    war hydra
    war hydra


    I could get rid of 2black gaurd or the dispell scroll to give them the crimson death dont know if that would be better or not, also tempted at buying a cauldron and some executioner and altering the list a bit.what do u think?

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    First of all I'd chuck the BSB in the Black Guard, removing one, then get rid of his blood armour so you can give your warriors shields. Your supreme sorceress could do with joining the Shades or crossbowmen as you'll want her casting and out of harm's way. This gives you a list that can hit armoured, horde and elite foes with enough punch to demolish them and you have great defence against magic. Speaking of which I'd choose Dark Magic for your sorceress since you've got the Shadow on your Supreme for support and Mindrazor and Pit balance out your losses at not getting Purple Sun.
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