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Thread: Dark Elf filth.

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    Dark Elf filth.

    Im attending a local 'tourny' (mates, beer, you get the idea) soon, 1500 pts, no special chars. Theres money at stake. So we are all bringin filth. Heres my attempt!

    [325]Supreme Sorceress - lvl4 shadow, Sacrificial Dagger, Pendant of Khaeleth, Ironcurse Icon.

    [163]Master - BSB, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation.

    [219]19 crossbow men - Shields, Standard
    [230]20 Crossbow men - Shields, Standard
    [213]33 Warriors - FC,


    1500 on the nose.

    Now Im after total filth. I will be up against

    2x WoC armys with the uber buffed chosen unit. Thats pretty much a T5 4+As and a 3+WS unit that kicks out 30 attacks. If it ever gets in the watchtower, your screwed. Trust me, Ive tryed 4 times to get it out.....

    1x Scaven furnace list with a warplightning cannon, HPA and doomwheel.

    2x Empire Lists both have STanks, one has a folding fort where his level 4 and 40 Xbows go. The others got Artillery spam. The tower list Ive yet to win against.

    1x VC graveguard deathstar. Lots of regen, so bring lots of fire.

    1x OK deathstar. Mini deathstar realy, shouldnt be too much of an issue

    1x DE hydra list. Fairly similar to the one above. Has a large BG unit with ASF

    So whats your worst? Hows this fair aginst it?

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    How are you going to field you crossbowmen? You might want to consider musicians so you can fast reform and to help with drawn combats.

    Get rid of the dagger and take darkstar cloak instead. Sure you only get 1 exta dice per turn rather than each time you cast,but it saves you killing your unit.

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