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    First 2000 pt Dark Elf/Friendly Game

    I am playing against my buddy's WoC army, it's a friendly game, but I want to show him what my "bird bones" are made of.

    Supreme Sorceress - 370 pts
    Lv 4 Shadow
    Dark Pegasus
    Darkstar Cloak
    Pendant of Khaeleth

    Sorceress - 180
    Lv 2 Metal
    Tome of Furion
    Seal of Ghrond

    Master - 196
    BSB Hydra Banner
    Beastmaster Scourge
    Heavy Armor
    Sea Dragon Cloak

    11x RXB's - 126

    34x Warriors - 263
    Magic Standard/Banner of Eternal Flame

    25x Corsairs - 300

    7x COK's - 189

    Hydra - 175
    2x RBT - 200

    Army total: 1999

    Notes: Lv 2 will be with RxB's and BSB will be with Warriors. I'm using Eternal Flame because he likes to give his guys regen buff.
    Also, I was just thinking of dropping the CoK's since they tend to become stupid when I need them...adding a chariot and shades. In the games I have played so far, 5 Shades have been my best unit.
    I could proxy another Hydra, but I dont want to be a dick.

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    Looks fairly decent...

    I'd get your BSB on a Cold One with the Hydra Banner and a halberd, that way you get to re-roll stupidity whilst pumping out 14 attacks from your knights, 16 attacks from your Cold Ones and 4 attacks from your Master, this will demolish smaller units of Warriors (in fact it'll demolish small units of anything), especially if they've got MoK and Halberds as most of your attacks deny armour saves.
    More Repeater Crossbowmen would also be a nice addition, if you reduce your warriors down to 30 (since you'll be running them without the Master to complete their rank) or 32 you can squeeze one or two more in. Dropping the Pegasus and Pendant might also be a good option (the sorceress won't need the pendant if she's on foot) and giving your level 4 Lore of Metal and Level 2 Lore of Shadow (shadow isn't all that effective against WoC save for its hexes and, of course, mindrazor).
    You might need to drop a Bolt Thrower to fit all this in, along with a few corsairs since running them in more than 3 ranks is a waste of points since you don't optimise attacks, I'd run the ones you have in 7x3 and drop the unit down to 21.

    In short, you'll need:

    Master, Cold One, Halberd, BSB, Hydra Banner, Heavy Armour Sea Dragon Cloak

    11 (more) crossbowmen with shields (you don't need the musician in either unit)

    Level 4 Sorceress, Lore of Metal, Darkstar Cloak (I'd be tempted to get a channeling staff/dispell scroll depending on what he uses)

    21 Corsairs, Standard, Musician, Sea Serpent Standard (I tend to run mine with a Reaver but I can see why you'd rather spare the points).

    If you have them, Black Guard with the Banner of Murder would be a great addition to the force, they hack apart Warriors of Chaos without a pause and will stick around even if they get hit back.
    "Take their gold, burn their homes, kill their familes and enslave their souls. Show them no mercy...oh and could you post these letters while you're out?"
    -Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth.

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