Friend challenged me to a game (Beastmen), neither of us had lists and only an hour and a half to play so we spent 5mins writing a list (he had a fair idea of what he was taking though) so here's what I knocked together. Turned out to be not bad so I'm gonna "spam" it for a while, fancy a change from 50 Witch Elves for a while.

Morathi - Darksword, Book of Ashur, Crown of Command (gonna change that to Black Dragon Egg though)

Sorceress - Lvl 2, Tome of Furion, Seal of Ghrond, Lore of Shadow

Sorceress - Lvl 2, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness, Dispel Scroll

35 Spearmen - Full Command, Shields, Warbanner

20 Crossbowmen - Shields

5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows

10 Harpies -

9 Shades -

4x Reaper Bolt Throwers -

War Hydra -

My friend took a Lvl 4 Bray Shaman, 2 lvl 2 Bray Shamans in a unit of 60 Gors, a BSB and Beastlord in a unit of 30 Bestigor, a Shaman on scouting Razorgor Chariot and two units of 5 Hounds.
The Dark Riders on one flank shot one unit of Hounds off the table, the Harpies charged the other, who fled off the board in two turns. The Bolt Throwers, Shades and Crossbows shot the chariot, killed the Bray Shaman on it and took it to one wound (those things are tough), before it charged the Shades, killed 3 with impact hits then took 3 wounds from 4 Shades. The Hydra moved to sit on the flank of the Bestigor whilst Morathi cast Soul Stealer on the 60 Gors and put herself on 6 wounds, as you do. The 30 Bestigors then all died in the one shooting phase from the Hydra, Bolt Throwers, Crossbows and Shades (Hydra killed 10/18 with it's Breath Weapon), leaving the BSB on one wound and the Beastlord untouched (stupid 1+ re-rollable and 4+ ward). They then made it to the Crossbows and killed 5, and the game ended there. My Casualties: 3 Shades and 5 Crossbowmen. My friend's: 30 Bestigor, 20 Gors, 10 Hounds and the Shaman on Chariot in 4 turns.

Also played DE's who had 100 Spearmen (in 3 units), Knight Deathstar (Hydra BSB and "unkillable" Dread), a Lvl 2, a Lvl 4 and 2 Hydras. By Turn three he had 50 Spearmen, 1 Hydra on 4 wounds and both Wizards left (the Knights lost 2 turn 1 from BTs and then 5 from Searing Doom, the BSB, the other 5 and two wounds off the Dreadlord by BTs turn 2 then the Crossbows finished the Dread turn 3) whilst my Hydra and one of his killed each other (with mine passing 4 6+ saves in a row). Surpisingly I lost this game in turn 6...mainly because I charged Morathi into the last Hydra, hoping to make it WS1 and lower it's S and T whilst hitting it with the Darksword....but rolled double 1 for Power Dice.....and she lost all 6 wounds (despite the Hydra being WS1) and my opponent managed to charge my BTs with a unit of Spearmen needing 11 to reach them.

And played Dwarves. It was a draw as I had Morathi and he an Anvil (was about 90ish pts in my favour, we weren't too fussed) then we remembered Gotrek (Felix died to Spearmen) had MR2 against Bladewind (he had died by failing 2 4+ wards on 1 wound) so I let him roll Gotrek's ward again (he had rolled a one the first time but Spirit of the Game) and Gotrek rose from the dead and caused 7 wounds on Morathi (quite a book moment, Gotrek appears dead only to rise again and smite ____ (insert evil character of choice, except Malekith as he's far too awesome). Was a good laugh, she made her points back by killing most of his army (2 Grudgethrowers, an Organ gun with a miscast and 50 Dwarf Warriors (unit of 20/30) with BSB, BTs killed 2 cannons and Spearmen killed Felix).

Somehow it works, until I realise I have the game won in Turn 2/3 and somehow manage to sabotage my own army and lose in Turn 6...madness.