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    2.5k tourney list

    looking for tips or suggestions, playing in a big tourney in January and before i paint up all the models i would like to get my list down. let me know what you think or any suggestions. Special rules are 0-1 hydra and no more the 35 RxBs

    core- 678
    rare- 175
    lord- 320
    total- 2494

    30 spearmen shields 5x6 FC
    lichebone pen 240
    29 spearmen shields
    5x6 FC 218
    10 rxb 100
    12 rxb 120

    6 shades 96
    10 coldoneknights fc 310
    21 witch elves fc 285
    banner of murder

    2 coldone chariot 200

    Hydra 175

    Cauldron BSB Death Hag 250
    dance of doom

    Supreme sorceress225 320
    lvl 4 upgrade 35
    pendant of kaleth35
    darkstar cloak25

    level 2 sorceress 100 180
    lvl 2 upgrade 35
    tomb of furion 15
    seal of ghrond 30
    either metal or dark

    Both sorceress' go into spearmen units

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    Just to point out, there's no point giving Dance of Doom to the Death Hag on Cauldron, she already has a 4+ ward save.

    Also, Lichebone Pennant isn't the best banner for Spearmen, with the points saved from the Dance of Doom you could give them the Warbanner (remember, only 25pts because AB over BR.

    Also, maybe a cheap Master could be an idea for some extra hitting power, sticking him on one of the Chariots would be good (Halberd for 3 S5 attacks and Blood Armour - 99pts plus a chariot.

    Also, don't list individual points costs for items, unit upgrades or for whole units with no upgrades. It's something to do with a little thing called copyright infringement.
    I think it's fine to put down the total points cost for (example) your lvl 2 Sorceress and her items without actually mentioning individual costs
    (example, putting Sorceress - Lvl 2, Tome of Furion, Seal of Ghrond, Dark or Metal - 180pts, would be fine I think, although sometimes it is best to err on the sie of caution).

    Apart from those points I've mentioned the list looks pretty good (to be fair I've just glanced over it). Good luck at your tournie mate.
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