Hi guys,

Thought I would share my Tournament army with you guys, see if there was anything I was missing. Have had eight practice games with it and lost only one - against Lizardmen with Lore of Life Slann, that game was really close, though!

Dreadlord on Dark Steed; Sword of Might; Dragonhelm; Pendant of Khaeleth; Crown of Command; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield; 268

Master Battle Standard Bearer; Armour of Darkness; Dawnstone; Halberd; 159

Level 2 Sorceress; Tome of Furion; Seal of Ghrond; 180

Level 2 Sorceress; Sacrificial Dagger; 160

35 Warriors; Full Command; Banner of Eternal Flame; 270 (sac-dag sorc here)
21 Repeater Crossbowmen; Full Command; Shields; 251

5 Harpies; 55
5 Harpies; 55

6 Shades; Additional Hand Weapons; 102
20 Black Guard; Full Command; Banner of Murder; Ironcurse Icon (BSB here)

War Hydra; 175

Exactly 2,000 points

The DL is obviously used to tie up my opponents biggest/nastiest unit for the game while I concentrate on annihilating the rest of his army. The BG usually die to a man as I use them very aggressively, most of the rest of the army usually lives, though, and the BSB often ties up what's left by himself. I try to get the warriors to tarpit monsters with either buffs on them or hexes on the monster, courtesy of my shadow sorceress who usually hides behind them or the crossbowmen. The dark magic sorceress is used to have my opponent use up his dispel dice, she rarely actually uses more than a single dice from my pool (which I try and save for the other sorc) and has been great at shooting down small harassment units. Harpies have a plethora of uses depending on what I am facing - redirecting, baiting, marchblocking, wizard/warmachine hunting etc. Shades are my primary warmachine hunters, but also come in useful for other things. The Hydra, well, don't need to say much about it, I just try not to get it shot to pieces before I can charge something.

Magic defence isn't fantastic as I only have level 2 dispels, the Seal help compensate for that somewhat. It's about the only real flaw I have noticed in the army thus far! Apart from the fact that I never seem to get the first turn because my opponents usually get the +1 to their first turn roll thanks to my shades, this has not been a major concern... yet.

So, what do you think? Anything I've missed?

Thanks for looking