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    2,500 Point Annoyance List

    Highborn w/ Pendant, Ogre Blade, Dragonhelm, The Other Trickster's Shard, Dark Pegasus, Cloak, HA, Shield

    Noble w/ BSB, Dark Pegasus, Cloak of Hag Graef, RoH, HA, Shield, Lance

    Lvl 2. Sorceress w/ Scroll, Lore of Fire

    Lvl 2. Sorceress w/ Seal of Ghrond, Tome and Lore of Fire

    10 Warriors w/ Musician

    30 Warriors w/ Full Command and Shields

    5 Harpies

    5 Harpies

    20 Xbowmen w/ Musician

    20 Xbowmen w/ Musician

    10 Shades

    10 Shades

    10 Shades




    This is a VERY take no prisoners list, so bear that in mind. I'll run down why I take what I take now.

    Lord is unkillaLord, pretty standard DE build. He is very killy and almost immune to damage. His job is to hunt characters or other important targets and generally be a pain in the ass. If resources are directed at him, that's what I want. If not, he flies around and helps me.

    Noble is my insurance policy for the Lord. By himself he can lose combat to a rank and file block, especially after Hatred drops off. So a re-roll on Ld8-9 helps out a lot to make sure I don't lose my big boy. Some games he babysits my lines against Skirmishers and the like. Ring means he can sit behind a Wizards unit and make my opponent have a hard time in the Magic Phase.

    Casters are for defense only. Magic is very unstable and not worth basing an army around unless you're Lizardmen (imho) so I just want to stop my opponent until my other units can permanently stop them. I take Fire on both because it is a very simple Lord with only one bad spell and has arguable the best default spell. Running a caster out of her unit and throwing all my dice at 3d6 Fireball will solve a lot of Regenerating problems.

    Small Warrior unit is a road block, specifically a Fleeing one. I have not much rank and file fighting so I want to delay my opponent until I whittle him down a bit. This unit is utterly expendable and will just make sure anything that charges them loses some Movement once or twice a game. Also good flank defender against Scouts.

    Big Warrior block is also there to hold things up but it actually has the numbers to beat an equivalent unit. Pretty simple.

    Harpies fly and attack squishy things. They're Harpies.

    Crossbows are wounds for the Casters and shoot stuff.

    Shades are stupid good and very under-priced. I don't upgrade them because if they charge they're either very dead or they're just gonna smack up a war machine or some archers. Makes sure that I have constant pressure on my opponents squishy units from Scouts and multiple Fliers.

    Hydras, obviously broken but sadly DE has nothing else that is any good at combat. Executioners are to squshy and slow and Black Guard cap at 20 (bad for 8th) and are squishy. Chariots pack much less of a sustained punch as do Knights. Witch Elves and Corsairs......adorable. I don't feel good about taking two but not a lot of options.


    Basic idea is to have a lot of options in the Movement Phase, force my opponent to pass Leadership Tests to March and whittle them down. I have good tarpits and very few easy to grab points. I want to snag my opponents rear units and hold off their fighters and then sandwich a few of them late game.

    I am playing the 8th meta where War Machines, Magic and Blocks are all very powerful. However they all synergize with each other, Wizards/War Machines need something to stop them from being killed. Blocks need buffs from Magic or numbers advantage via Magic/War Machines. Removing one of these things makes an army much weaker.

    The armies I'm most afraid of are Dwarves, Lizardmen and Skaven in that order. Any army that can turtle well and put out a lot of offense is hard to counter except by spamming lots of blocks which DE is not so good at.

    So far the army has been working well but I am a fan of feedback. :]

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    Good list mate, just one or two issues I have with it.

    The unit of 10 warriors is not going to roadblock much, unless you redirect with them, although Harpies are much better at that.
    Also, the Dark Elf combat units are actually damned good, despite being squishy. You have to learn to work around that (mostly that involves taking a Cauldron to babysit them). Chariots are still good, although they make better character mounts now. The look on my opponents face when Black Guard and Witch Elves tear his Bloodletters a new one after he spent the whole pre-game laughing at how crap they were in comparison: Priceless ("Oh I'm sorry, did you have a unit of 40 Bloodletters there? Too bad you let 50 Witch Elves charge them followed by 20 Black Guard in the flank...").

    Apart from that it looks interesting. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    Vargarna i Vinterkylan
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