Played a 3K game vs Ogre Kingdoms, and wrote a 5min list out of what I had in my cases.

Supreme Sorceress - Lvl 4, Tome of Furion, Pendant of Khaeleth, Lifetaker, Dark Pegasus -

Malus Darkblade -

50 Corsairs - Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard -

20 Crossbowmen - Shields -

6 Harpies -

6 Shades - Additional Hand Weapons -

9 Cold One Knights - Full Command, Standard of Hag Graef (Malus in here) -

9 Cold One Knights - Full Command, Ranger Standard -

2x War Hydras -

4x Reaper Bolt Throwers -

Ogre Kingdoms army consisted of Tyrant (S7 with Gold Sigil Sword), 2 Butchers, a BSB, 2 Stonehorns, 1 Thundertusk, 2x4 Mournfang Cavalry, 3 Leadbelchers, 9 Bulls and 9 Ironguts.

Deployment (Left to Right): 2 BTs on hill, Ranger Knights behind a wood, Crossbowmen, Corsairs, Hydra, Lvl 4, Hydra, Shades in wood, Malus + Knights, 2 BTs on hill, Harpies in front, all 6" on except Harpies who are 12"on.
Ogres: 4 Mournfangs, Stonehorn, Bulls with Butcher and BSB, Thundertusk, Mournfangs, Tyrant, 2nd Butcher and Ironguts behind, Leadbelchers, Stonehorn.
I won first turn.
Spells: Lvl 4 - Miasma, Withering, Pendulum, Pit, Mindrazor. Ogres - Butcher with Wyssans and Curse of Anraheir, Butcher with Toothcracker and Trollguts.

First Turn: Harpies move down flank, 1 Mournfang dies to Pit of Shades, Thundertusk takes 5 wounds from BTs and Shades. Shades are charged by Mournfangs and flee.

Turn two: Thundertusk is reduced to T4 and dies to BTs, 2 Bulls die to Crossbowmen. Stonehorn on my right fails charge, Harpies are sitting behind his back line.

Turn three, things get messy. Malus unleashes T'zarkan, he and his unit charge Stonehorn on right flank. Other Knights charge through wood and flank the BSB's Bulls (opponent expected them to charge other Stonehorn). Lvl 4 attempt to reduce Stonehorn's Toughness is dispelled, Miscasts Pit, rolls snake-eyes for Miscast and survives. Pit hits Tyrant and 3 Ironguts, all 4 pass Initiative checks. BTs on left take 2 wounds off Stonehorn, BT's on right, Crossbowmen and Shades reduce Mournfangs in centre to 1 model. Malus takes 2 wounds off Stonehorn, Knights deal another 2. Stonehorn Rider kills Malus, Stonehorn kills 1 Knight and is run down. Knights overrun into Leadbelchers. Ranger Knights kill 3 Bulls, lose 1 in reply. BSB's unit is run down.

Ogre turn 3 (Final turn): Tyrant's Ironguts charge both Hydras, lone Mournfang charges Shades (who take it to 1 wound from Stand and Shoot). Last Stonehorn flank charges Knights (and rolls double 6). Last Butcher casts the first successful Ogre spell (Trollguts). Stonehorn mauls 5 Ranger Knights, who flee but make it to safety, Mournfang kills 6 Shades, who make it away whilst Mournfang overruns into the Lvl 4. Knights destroy Leadbelchers. Tyrant causes 2 wounds on one Hydra, Beastmasters cause 1 wound which is saved by Regenerate. Hydras then breath fire all over Ironguts, negating Regen for rest of phase and then proceed to eat through them, killing a total of 4 (12 wounds), the Ironguts then causes 2 more wounds on the already wounded Hydra and 1 on the other. Ironguts and Tyrant break from combat and are run down by Hydras.

We didn't count up VPs, but the only VPs he had were for Malus Darkblade (and he wasn't the General). Left on the table he had a 4W Stonehorn, 4 Mournfangs and a 1W Mournfang vs 50 Corsairs (who did nothing), 4 BTs, 20 Crossbowmen, 8 Knights, 4 Knights (fleeing), 2 Shades (fleeing), 2 Hydras (one on 1W, one on 4W), 6 Harpies and the Lvl 4.

It wasn't pretty....