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    Dark Elf Amy 2000pts

    hi guys just starting to collect and said i would see what people think of the army list I plan to make, open for comments and criticism as i need all the help I can get.
    • 1 Supreme Sorceress:
      • upgrade level 4.
      • mount Manticore.
    • 24 Repeater Crossbowmen:
      • Full Command.
      • all have shields.
    • 16 Corsairs:
      • Full command.
    • 10 Cold One Knights:
      • Full command.
    • 2 Bolt Throwers.
    • 15 Black Guard:
      • Full command.
    • 1 War Hydra.
    • 1 Assassin:
      • Additional hand weapon.
      • Rendling stars.
      • Dance of doom.

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    Your army looks like a decent start but there are a few things you could work on!

    If you really want your Supreme Sorceress on a mount then go with a pegasus. Manticores in general, even on a combat character are far too squishy, and sticking an unprotected SS on one is just asking for trouble.

    Give her Dark Magic, the Pendant of Khaeleth, and the Focus Familiar - gives her good protection against a lot of things and good mobility as well. The Familar can be used to 'hide' her behind things like other units or buildings and also extend the range of her spells which is always handy!

    I find that 20 Crossbowmen is a good number to have. 24 is also a good number to have

    16 Corsairs? I personally am not a fan of corsairs and I always take spearmen instead, if you do want to take them I would suggest 24 in 6 by 4 formation with the Sea Serpent Standard.

    10 Cold One Knights - great unit - stick the Banner of Hag Graef on them and they could potentially win the game for you!

    I have all but given up using Boltthrowers, but I see no reason why you shouldn't take one if you really want one. No more than one, though. Take Shades instead

    15 Black Guard - increase them to 20 models, give them the Banner of Murder and an Ironcure Icon and that will improve them a fair bit!

    War Hydra - never leave home without one ^^

    Assassin - that set up your using is best used in conjunction with a unit of Shades, he adds lethal shooting to their volleys of fire and adds a bit of combat punch should they get charged. You should ideally try not to get them charged, though!

    Hope that was helpful!

    A couple of other suggestions I'd like to add.

    A BSB is always a good model to have. Most folk go with a Cauldron of Blood as they are fairly versatile and can give your troops good buffs. I, however, play non-Khainite so either take a BSB on a cold one to lead the Knights or have him on foot with a unit of spearmen!

    Also, Harpies are golden for a plethora of reasons, I'd suggest at least one unit of 5 - I usually field two units, though.

    If you would like some additional clarification on anything I've suggested, feel free to ask
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