Need a 2,500 point dark elf army list with all the nasty tools that the army book has to offer. I usually favour having a versatile army list where each unit can serve different purposes to give me more options. The list I've come up with heavily favours close combat and a couple of chaff units to setup good engagements, but is obviously low on shooting.


Dreadlord (Heavy armour, Sea dragon cloak, Dragonhelm, Soul render, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crown of command, riding a cold one) - 277 points

Supreme sorceress (Sacrificial dagger, level 4 lore of shadow) - 285 points


Cauldron of blood (BS - 225 points

Sorceress (dispel scroll, level 2 lore of fire) - 160 points


50 Spearmen (shields, musician, standard, banner of murder) - 384 points

15 Repeater crossbowmen (musician) - 155 points

5 Dark riders (repeater crossbows) - 110 points

5 Harpies - xx points

5 Harpies - xx points


5 Cold one knights (musician, standard, gleaming pennant) - 164 points

21 Har Ganeth Executioners (musician, standard, banner of eternal flame) - 280 points (7x3 formation)


War Hydra - xxx points

War Hydra - xxx points

Total - 2,500 points on the spot.

So with a stubborn executioner unit, (presumably) steadfast spearmen unit and a stubborn general (Dreadlord) it shouldn't be too hard to setup a battleline. CoK and dark riders are deployed on opposite flanks and war hydras are there to assist the main battle in the centre. I expect little to nothing of the crossbowmen - they are only there to bunker my level 4 and maybe protect my rear from pesky flyers or fast cav). Cauldron will be positioned in a way that I can preferably get rerolls to my stubborn units and do buffs where needed.

Suggestions and advice very appreciated!

- Vezzax