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Thread: 1000 dark elves

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    1000 dark elves

    hows this list of 1000 points of dark elves? i might collect them instead of ogres since you dont get alot of models in 1000 points

    High Born - great weapon, blood armour, touch of death and see dragon cloak [180]
    Sorceress - lvl 2 and darkstar cloak [150]

    26 warriors - spears and light armour and full command [185]
    26 warriors - spears and light armour and full command [185]

    Cold One Chariot - Spear [97]

    2 Repeater Bolt trower with crew [200]

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    two errosr... you can't use a highborn in a 1k game cause he's a lord. Switch to a noble instead
    and only assassins may choose skills and poisons from temple of khaine.

    Blood armor isn't worth it since you can make him 0+Sv with enchanted shield (heavy armor + seadragon cloak + enchanted shield + mount on a coldone or chariot).
    If you want to use a great weapon cause of the S boost, consider the Crimson Death cause it'll provide the same S and you strike at I order.
    Otherwise just go for the famous Shield of Ghrond + Sword of Might combo... you'll have very nice Sv (heavy armor + seadragon cloak + shield of ghrond + mount on a coldone or chariot = 1+) and in addition you'll have a +1 to S as if you had a halberd and you'll be T4 due to shield of ghrond.
    You might want to mount your noble so he can charge and see battle asap. Dark pegasus is the best choise but it's quite a pain to convert morathis dark pegasus to suit a noble. Buy a old one if you get the chance. Otherwise a Cold one would be fine. Use the malus darkblade model if you don't want to convert.

    You'll want to mount your sorceress on a Dark Steed becouse of the greate increase of manuverability. If you play against magic heavy enemies you might want a seal of ghrond or dispell scroll.

    otherwise it's pretty decent... don't understand why you have 26 warriors in each unit... cause it'll make a odd nr and not a full last rank. You might want to reduce the warrior unit to one unit of 25 and a unit of 10 corsairs as flankers and a unit of 5-8 shades (to take out whatever warmashine crew or enemy archers... or better enemy wizzard). But that's totally up to how you want to play.

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