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    1000 pts list (instead)


    i decided to make a 1000 pts list as a start, before buying a lot of models that i might not like..

    made this list:


    Noble: 135 Pts
    Heavy Armour
    Sea Dragon Cloak
    Repeater Crossbow
    Enchanted Shield
    Crimson Death
    (2+ AS in CC, 1+ AS vs. shooting)

    Core Units:

    20 Dark Elf Warriors: 185 Pts
    Full command

    16 Dark Elf Warriors: 192 Pts
    Repeater Crossbows

    5 Dark Riders: 127 Pts
    Repeater Crossbows

    Special Units:

    10 Executioners: 140 Pts
    Full Command

    8 Shades: 120 Pt
    Light Armour

    Rare Units:

    Reaper Bolt Thrower: 100 Pts

    Total: 999 Pts PD: 5 DD: 4

    my 20 spearmen(with noble) and my executioners is the center of the army, with dark riders ready for flank charges, and shooting at the approching enemy together with my shades..

    the RBT and the RCB units are standing in back, doing what there is to do...

    how do u think this would work?

    regards. AND

    Quote Originally Posted by Exarch Thomo View Post
    Hell, I even just copied the name from And - so it's all his fault! :P

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    Try checking out the city guard army list on the official website, I'd stick with just playing with say maybe 500 points worth of mostly core units before you start buying expensive (in £ sense) figures that you may not use very often.

    You WILL use a sorceress EVERY game without a doubt, unless you know you're up against Dwarves- so buy one.

    Buy a couple of boxes of dark elf warriors, do 2/3rd spears, 1/3rd crossbows.

    Buy 1-2 bolt throwers.

    Buy 5 Dark Riders.

    You may not have a coherant army list in sense of skill or anything, but that's a core force that will be included in almost any army you field- start with that.

    *glowers at his 20 strong unit of black guard that was saved up for, then rarely used*

    Lets just have a quick peek at that list I gave above as an army-

    Sorceress, Level 2, Seal of Ghrond, Darkstar Cloak (185)

    20 Spearmen, Shields, Full Command (185)

    12 Crossbowmen, Full Command (157)

    5 Dark Riders, Crossbows, Musician, Standard Bearer (141)

    Repeater Bolt Thrower x 2 (200)

    TOTAL: 868

    That's pretty much a standard force there, wont win you many battles- but to be honest I'd buy that first rather than go for big units of executioners before (no offence intended) you've got to grips with the subtle nature of the dark elf war machine.

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