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    2000 Point Dark Elf Army For Friendly Play

    This is sort of a rough copy of my Army List. Any help and/or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

    Characters – 448 pts.

    Highborn – 125 pts.
    Blade of Ruin (50)
    Death Mask (50)

    Noble – 70 pts.
    Banner of Murder (45)

    Sorceress – 90 pts.
    LvL. 2 (40)

    Assassin – 125 pts.
    Heart seeker (25)

    Core Units – 822 pts.

    Dark Elf Warriors – 185 pts.

    Dark Elf Warriors – 185 pts.

    Repeater Crossbowmen – 223 pts.

    Dark Riders – 104 pts.
    Size 5 (90)
    Herald (14)

    Corsairs – 125 pts.
    Size 10 (100)

    Special Units – 520 pts.

    Cold One Knights – 380 pts.
    Size 10 (290)
    Banner of Murder (45)

    Executioners - 140pts.
    Size 10 (110)

    Rare Units – 200 pts.

    Reaper Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

    Reaper Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

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    Please edit your list to exclude individual cost of items and upgrades, and only leave out the total cost of the unit entry.

    I would think an assassin would fair better at is job i you gave him 2 hand weapons and killing blow instead.

    2 dispel scrolls would help your defensive magic exponentially.

    If you want terror at a good cost, get a manticore, I think it is one of the best mounts in the game point for point.

    Crossbows for the riders if you want them to be useful.

    12 or 15 will make your executioners a more durable unit.
    Best Regards,

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    To what wolf pack said

    yes single unit costs i think breach forum rules

    heart seeker does not make use of his baistic skill and since he normaly appears in a unit you should think of more of an CC character designed to go crazy and tear many units apart before they can atack back. i suggest manbane, the extra attack ability(no book on me at the mo) and the additional weapon

    3 dispell dice will not guarentee any defence from magic. and a scroll caddy might be usefull. also seal of ghrond might help with defence

    now deathmask is at a good cost but not worth while on a CO due to being fearful already and little movement. on a steed or pegasus he can get a much greater movement to utilise terror. about the blade of ruin (rushes to find the book) this is a little used weapon which may be because without much other modifiers your nobel wont get to the armour save any way. raising his strength has a much more effective outcome. there are many magic items that can do this. Also noticed no-sea dragon cloak on him, after all the talk about armour saves it is pointless for me to ignor that you are not getting the full protection (but that could be what the CO is for)

    the herald is pointless if the unit has no RxB and is a waste of points. herald in DR are in general not worth it. check d.net for a good way of layouting this unit to suit your tastes

    now i field my exes as 10 with draich master for a flanking unit that carrys a lot of potential if used correctly. if you more of a move units forward and attack head-on (which is known to never work with DE unless your against a newbie) then 15 is a huge amount of extra points you might be stupidly ready to spend

    now what i have to say

    you cannot have two banners of murder.and to give one to your nobel on horse is not looking at all pretty. as it is useful in a unit that can dish some damage which him or the unit of DR you can put him with both do not qualify for. just drop him you could get another lv2 sorc for thm points or spread them out into more needed areas

    you seem crazed on giving every unit full command. just rethink what you are doing there

    with the COK useing 10 is thought to be over spending as you are paying for 5 models who wont actualy be of use. a liked unit is of 5-6 as they maximise the amount of attacks in CC while still staying cheep

    RBT's just keep them alive for the first few turns and target big monsters with their big bolt as it is the only high S thing you kinda have

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