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Thread: DE 2000pts.

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    DE 2000pts.

    Well, having grown slightly tired of hurling numberless beastmen into battle, I thought that my second army should be different; and DE appear to be the most tactically challenging army to use (except perhaps Khemri). So here's my first 2000pt list with the De book; feel free to tear it apart.

    Dark Elves 2000pts.


    Highborn – 561
    On black dragon, bearing lance, RxB, enchanted shield, sea dragon cloak, hvy armour, heart stone of darkness and seal of ghrond


    Sorceress – 162
    Lv 2, darkstar cloak, dark steed

    Sorceress – 180
    Lv 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls


    5 dark riders – 127
    RxBs, musician

    5 dark riders – 127
    RxBs, musician

    16 DE warriors – 217
    RxBs, shields, full command

    Ditto – 217


    Cold one chariot – 107
    Spears, RxBs


    5 DoW knights – 105

    2 RBTs – 200

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    Welcome to DE's. & yep, you're spot on.. hard to use! but deadly when you do it right.

    Man, try not to paste text in from Word etc.. it causes havoc when u try to reply with quotes.

    Here goes:

    Ok, Im a fan of dragon lords, I have one myself. 2000 points is the bare minimum to field one.. and i think doing so at that level is too risky.. I normally make a 2000 point list without a lord, then simply add the dragon lord to it, to make it roughly 2500.
    You should consider doing the same, or you would be horribly outnumbered.
    Anyway, if you DO keep him, Consider giving him a great weapon instead of a lance. that way you always have high strength attacks, rather than for just one turn.. Anything good enough to survive his attacks & then wound him is probably going to negate his save to worse than 4+, so you revert to the ward save.. so his armour save isnt a huge priority. Go for max damage.

    Your sorceresses have a good set up. but 2 dispell scrolls might be overkill unless you know you'll be facing high elves etc.
    & 2 level 2's wont dish out much damage in 2000 pts, but its clear these are mostly here for magic defence. so thats fine.

    The dark riders are good.. since you have 2 squads, why not put both sorceresses on steeds. 1 for each unit. 18" movement plus the spells range means not a lot is safe from her..

    The warriors are the main problem. They would be ok if they were spearmen..
    If you want crossbows, its best to take them in squads of 10 or 12.. in 1 row.
    Taking 16, even in 2x8 formation, basically means you have 8 warriors doing nothing. (16 if you count both squads).
    Cut both units down in size & lose the command upgrades. these guys shouldnt see combat (well you dont want them to anyway).

    The chariot is fine, could do without the crossbows though if you need 10 points somewhere.. maybe for that dark steed i suggested.

    I dont really know much about DOW knights. So cant comment there.

    RBT's are fine.

    OVerall: as I said one of your main probs is lack of numbers, mostly due to the lord.
    Your second prob is that you have no 'meat grinder' infantry.. you have alot of units that are good for flanking.. but how will you get a flank charge if you have no core troops to engage an enemy unit & hold them still?
    I think every DE army should have 1 block of 20 spearmen with full command. simply for that purpose of holding up units for flank charges, which DE rely heavily upon. & also as a defense for the ranged units.
    Third prob: your list is half offensive, half defensive. In my opinion this never works.. you have your army split in half, each half trying to acheive its own purpose.. but with half the strength it requires to do so.. DE's are fragile, you need the bulk of your army to be offensive units if you wish to go on the attack. With RBT's as the only shooting, to back them up. (basically RxB warriors will fall behind, and lose LOS bcoz of faster friendly units out in front of them). & nobles as the heroes, to bolster the units. and sorceresses taken only for magic defence. (you need to spend alot of points on magic for it to be effective, and if you do so, your offensive capacity will suffer. So just keep it to magic defense in offensive lists).

    Alternatively, if you want to be a 'stand & shoot' defensive army. then ALOT of magic, combined with say 2 squads of RxB warriors, 2-4 RBT's, and 1-2 blocks of spearmen to take the brunt of any attackers.. while the few specials, such as knights, flank those attackers..
    basically you stand & shoot (and magic) the hell out of the enemy, then go on the counter attack once they get too close & negate your shooting.

    my main advice to all players starting out is, sit down & decide whether you want a defensive OR offensive army.
    Expanding to 2500, keeping the dragon lord, and 1 sorceress with 2 dispel scrolls, & 1 noble.
    Then make the rest of your army offensive apart from RBT's.
    Or, stay at 2000, drop the dragon lord, take tonnes of magic & shooting.

    Attacking is risky but alot more fun than just standing still in my opinion, its really up to your own preferences.

    Hope I helped. cheers
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