i dont often play 2k points but i was forced into a game and made a list with out my codex so if im off ny points pls tell me.

high sorc-lvl 2 heart stone of darkness and wand of khandian i spelt that wrong hope u no wat it is

noble-great wep, hvy armor, SDC, cold one, seal of ghrond

2 units of 15 corsairs both with standards

20 spear men- standard, shields spears

5 cok-full command , noble

2 chariots spears

14 witch elves-full, witch brew, 7 by 2 formation

10 harpies


2 bolt throwers

blood cauldron

i just pick the cauldron up and painted it it looks cool i wanted to play it and ill try and post its pic, ne suggestion on the list tho