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Thread: DE 2k points

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    DE 2k points

    lords-highborn on manticore with exicutioner axe,blood armor, SDC

    heros-sorc, lvl 2, tomb of furion, scroll
    sorc, lvl 2, scroll
    noble, hvy armor, great wep, cold one, SDC, seal of ghrond

    core-15 corsairs,standard champion
    15 corsairs,standard champion
    14 warror, spears shields standard champion,1 of the sorc

    speacial-5 COK, standard, champion, war banner, noble
    15 exicutioners, full command, banner of murder

    rare-2 RBT

    so far this list hasnt done so great so im up for suggestions.

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    Hmmm ...
    I think the main problem this list has is that it has too few units, and the
    units it has are too small. This is because too many points are tied up in
    In a 2K game, you can either have 2 mages OR have a Lord on a big creature,
    you can't afford both. Your Lord is your best combat character - but he's a
    T3 elf with no ward save. He's too vulnerable IMHO, so I'd lose the Lord.
    Replace him with a terror causing beastie (the hydra) or a hero on a dark
    pegasus with a deathmask. Either way give you a terror-causing unit.

    With 100 of the points freed up you can beef up 2 of your infantry units
    to a reasonable size (20+ with full command).
    I'd probably ditch one of the RBTs too. I like them, but they just never
    seem to make their points back. They do attract enemy fire though, so I
    always try to take at least one.

    You should have 250-odd points spare. This could get you 2 small extra units
    (for flanking) Take your choice from
    Executioners (S5 killing blow)
    Chariot (This will hopefuly offset the combat power you've lost by replacing
    the lord).
    5 dark riders (with rxb). A fragile but fanstastically useful unit. If you can avoid
    enemy missile fire these bad boys will march block, flank charge and generally
    infuriate the enemy.
    10 xbow-armed warriors. Useful to take out enemy archers, skirmishers and flyers.

    If you really want to keep the Lord, lose a mage and the hero and spend the
    points you've saved on more units. I reckon you ned at least 8 (I prefer 10)
    non-artillery units. Otherwise you'll continually get outflanked/out-maneuvered
    by the opponent.

    Hope this is useful to you,

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    Senior Member Romulus's Avatar
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    I say this in my replies on army lists. Dark Elves are magical in nature and to not take them in full force will hurt you.

    My 2000+ list goes like this: Lvl 4 Soceress, 2XLvl 2's and a Noble to join the CoK's or in a Chariot.

    I take Dark Magic and make sure each Sorceress has the 1st spell(chilling wind). I start each magic phase exactly the same: Each Sor casts Chilling Wind using ONE casting die (5+ with +1 to the roll making it 4+ to succeed), I use the bound Doombolt next and finnally I start casting my remaining spells.

    I try to cast 4 spells at the start and use 3 casting dice. My key targets are anything that shoots at me (chill wind negates shooting). These will draw out his Dispel scrolls to keep his shooting alive or use up a decent amount of Dispel dice. It takes usually 2 dispel dice to knock out my one casting die for chilling wind.

    Many will call that much magic cheesey, but you are a Dark Elf!! It's like telling Chaos they are cheesey for taking Chaos Knights. You gotta play to your strengths.

    I place my Sor in the unit and move them just close enough to get in range. can back up the next turn to give your magic another turn if need be. Blast away and when the units is going to be charged I detach my Sor and move off to the side, then fire away with short-range spells.

    ** EDIT ** If none of your other spells are in range, then use 2-3 dice on chilling wind.
    Last edited by Romulus; August 29th, 2006 at 13:36.
    40K: Tyranid, Necron, Space Wolves
    Fantasy: Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarves

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