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    Dark Elves 1000 points: Please help a newbie?>


    Hi. I'm very new to fantasy battle, and this is my feeble attempt at a list. Please critique it; i need help badly.


    1) Assassin
    (150 points)


    1) Warriors (16)
    -Armed with crossbows, except for lordling who has a spear/shield
    -Standard Bearer
    (255 points)

    2) Dark Raiders (6)
    -Standard Bearer
    (161 points)


    1) Shades ( 8 )
    -Light armor
    132 points

    2) Cold One
    -Crew armed with spears
    97 points


    1) Repeater Bolt Thrower (2)
    200 points


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    Moved to army lists.

    Right, slow down. Step back and take a deep breath.

    That's the stuff.

    I'm going to suggest a few things you need to do before making an army.

    1) Read the Warhammer Rulebook. This is vital. Without it you're stuffed. For example, your list is illegal due to the assassin's "Leadership" rule - you need a character to be your general.

    2) Browse the army lists here and on other forums. Get a feel for the army and what others are taking. Work out what you want your army to do (Are you trying to be offensive or defensive, for example).

    3) Try to watch a few games or get someone to give you a game using army lists they have created. If there's a Games Workshop or gaming store in your area, that might be a good place to start. If there's a local gaming club, they might be able to help you too.

    Then try to make a few lists and see what you like.

    Having an army and not owning a rulebook is like owning a car with no steering wheel.

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    Hello Im also just starting out but i will try to help. First this post should go in the armylist board. Now to the army list first off you can't have an assaisn be your general I would recomend a noble or a sorceres.

    Next a unit can not have different weapons ie. one guy has a spear and another has a halaberd unless there is a hero in the unit then its ok but the rank and fille models must all have the same weapon.

    I would recomend boosting this unit up to 20 and give them spears and sheilds. Now for the dark riders drop them down to 5 and lose the standered and herald reason for this is when a unit loses a combat it drops it standered which gives the enemy victory points so you dont want to put a standered on a fragile unit like DRs and the herald give you an extra BS which has no point if these guys don't have RxBs.(try and use the points you freed up to equip these guys with them.)

    I dont have much experiance with your special chocies but I would guess if you want to keep the shades drop the light armor and the bloodshade. I have no idea about the CoC so i cant help you there. The two RBTs look good although you might want to drop one RBT and the shades to buy another block of spears to help you bulk up on static CR. Also look at the other army lists to see what other people are doing too.

    Rork edit: Woah! Let's use some paragraphs, eh? One enormous block of text is very difficult to read. Also, check your spelling before hand - you only give "special chocies" to your girlfriend.
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    As Rork said you will need to swap the assasain for either a Sorceress or a Noble.

    Cut the Riders down to 5 and drop the Herald. boost the spearmen up to 20.
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